Sc Bag Mono or Jasper

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  1. Hi all... Need your help... I am thinking of getting a SC bag... Right now I have found a mint condition preloved Mono and a brand new from boutique in Jasper... Which one should I get.....

    I love the Jasper color but ouch, the price... The mono however is lightweight...
  2. If price was not an issue, I would say go for the Jasper! Since you do have some reservations about the price of the bag, the Mono is just as pretty. The only thing about Mono is that it looks like a Speedy. With the leathers/suedes the bag looks like its own bag. Best of luck with your decision.
  3. There are new ones coming out .. maybe you could wait until you see them before deciding?
  4. i think jasper comes in GM size only..i do love jasper, if only it would come in pm size....i've seen the GM from afar but i think it's a bit too big for everyday use but i have yet to see both the GM and PM sizes upfront to be able to decide which is which....going back to your question, if price is not an issue, then jasper would be my bet....but as mentioned from a post above, maybe you could try to wait for the new ones coming out before you decide. :smile: you can also visit the SC clubhouse for some updates.
  5. If price is to be considered, then go for Mono.
  6. Mono
  7. I think so too, if only the jasper comes in PM size.:P
    OP: i'd get the jasper, the mono screams "i'm just another speedy with a strape". It's not as unique as the claf version.
  8. For some reason I've always been more drawn to the Mono! It's like the perfect Speedy- large, nice vachetta and a great strap! Good luck deciding!!
  9. I would love the SC bag in Mono!
  10. I have the Mono and have been contemplating the Chocolate one:love:.
    As I at times find the Mono heavy, weights a lot more than the regular Speedy, the
    Suede or even the full Leather will boost for sure.That is just something you might consider when buying.hth
  11. The jasper is a wonderful color- I recently purchased it and I cannot believe how many compliments I have gotten on it.
  12. OP, what did you decide on in the end?

    To be honest to me it sounds like your heart is set on the Jasper so I'd go for the Jasper. If you're anything like me, even if you got the mono, you'd still want the Jasper.
  13. OP: Bite the bullet and buy the jasper. It will stand out much more from all the other mono bags.
    The pop of color is gorgy!