SBS new versus old..... Is there really a difference?

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  1. Ladies is it me or is it just the prices that have changed?

    Can you tell the difference between these pictures?

    One was a screen shot of the sale bag and one is a screen shot of the 'new' and improved SBS

    The best picture to compare is the top left picture of the back of the bag where there is a line almost running parallel from where some of you are having issues with handle indentation...... If that makes sense


  2. Here's the original screen shot before I zoomed in. They at least could have changed the stock photo

  3. I cant see a difference. Maybe there is some gold dust in the postman's lock? ahahahahahaha
    I think you should email customer service and ask them!
  4. It took 3 SA in 3 different stores to give me the complete answer. The leather on the new SBS has more even grain so it is a lil more delicate. The colour of the brass work matches more with the tone of the leather. So over all my SA agreed with me that I wasn't missing out really and def made the right choice getting the choc & oak in the sale.
    Hope that helps
  5. Thanks Hun, I'm beginning to think its a figment of their imagination. I think it pretty poor that they are using exactly the same picture.

    If they want their customers to pay extra, they should at least post a picture of a true representation of what their customers will actually receive. It's tardy to leave the original picture online.

    I saw the 'new' small Del rey instore and seriously I couldn't see the difference.

    I also saw the new Lilly in bright green, it was almost polystyrene like. Almost like a large marshmallow
  6. Lol or fairy dust!

    Good idea, its not good business practice to leave an old picture online if that's not what the customer will actually receive.
  7. they are taking us for fools I think! at least use some new photos!
  8. Absolutely and that's what's really annoying me. It's such a shame that they are so arrogant and are ruining a fantastic brand and if it did all go wrong, the ordinary employees lives. I'd never want to see this or any other business fail, but this isn't a good time right now and they need to act fast
  9. I went to Harvey Nichols on Friday morning and was checking the "new" SBS for 10 minutes to see any difference, but to no avail. After that the SA came to ask me if I needed any help at all, and I asked her what was the difference, because I couldn't see it and she said the hardware is different and the leather is better!! To be honest, I was not at all convinced why I should pay an additional £100 to get the "new" one! ;)
  10. Nice! The shopping assistant at Harvey Nichols tried to convince me that the leather is better than the previous one!

    I am wondering if the SA get any sort of training at all? Are they people looking for a temporary job, or have they actually studied something relevant to fashion/textiles etc.? Do they at least hire people that are interested in the brand and luxury brands in general, because to be honest, some of the SAs I've happened to deal with knew half of what I knew! Sorry if that sounds arrogant, but it's the truth! I was really surprised they had to check with other SAs or the website to answer to my questions!
  11. Completely agreed.i don't understand how they could just say new leather without proper explanation of the differences. I mean I need a reason to justify that increase, it's not like money can grow on tree ...
  12. Well, it's the same question with the NVT Bayswaters too! The only difference I noticed is that hardware with is shinier! How do you justify a £200 increase in less than 2 years??
  13. I saw the new ones in store and they did look nicer .the leather looked smoother .Is it the same leather ?? Cant say I noticed the h/w really as I had already decided I was having the sale choc at £300+ cheaper ...and I love her :smile:
  14. Hi I couldn't tell the difference but yes its the leather and also the Mulberry Tree does not have the shading within it