sb tryied to rob my perfo cles!!!

  1. ok so I´m jus back from the grocery store 2 blocks away from home, I was using my new speedy case but since I just needed cash I took out my perfo cles. I threw some cash, went there, buy etc. I always attach the keys to the hook and when I was opening my house´s door someone who came from dont know where passed me by runnig and try to grab my cles!!!!!!!!!! :cursing: it was hanging on the lock of the door (with the keys) fortunately he couldnt take it away but the chain got broken!!!!!!!! oh I´m so pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!

    lately I´ve been a little afraid to take my Lv pices out bcz I´ve already been "tryied to be robbed" well they did like 4 months ago I was driving to our home with my parents. I rarely drive my mom´s car but that day I did and 2 guys got to my window and threathened us with a gun. I thought they would get us off the car but luckyly they didnpt, they yook away like 30 dollars and my dad´s cell phone and watch, they didn´t hurted us but I was so so scared. I was carrying my pochette gange with my cell, palm, wallet etc. but thanks God they didnt saw it.

    Time after dont know how many guys tried to hit my dad when he was opening the garage´s door, just like 2 houses away from the mines, they got him inside the car again and the left him alone so far from home. He had to ask a policeman for help but he just took him to the subway and he had to go home by himself. They took his car...

    I wonder what´s happening now!!! should I be afraid everytime I go out??? now I have to take my cles repaired and maybe I´ll have to leave my stuff at home if I want to keep it... oh I´m so sad...
  2. OMG..:cursing: :cursing: ...It's crazy..where do you live??? That's one scary robbed with the gun..

    I am so sorry...
  3. Yikes!! I am glad you are OK! Sorry about your damaged LV though:sad:
  4. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sorry to hear about these awful things that have happened! You should carry mace/pepper spray or something. be careful. There are a lot of scary/shady people out there. Just be aware of your surroundings and look around all the time. Walk confidently and don't let on that you are afraid. These people target people that they think are weak or timid.
  5. At least you are okay though! Don't keep letting people scare you because then they win (I know, easier said than done, but still!)
  6. Yikes, very scary! I would suggest carrying mace too. If I were you, I would be so scared that I'd just not carry anything nice out, or if I do, I'd keep it concealed. Hope you stay safe!
  7. OMG that is so scary! Where do you live?
  8. Yikes...that's really scary, glad you're okay.
    Do you live in a very rough part of town or something?? Because there seems to be a lot of guys going after your whole family. :shocked:
  9. Oh my.......thats terrible!!! How scary!!!!! Im so glad that you and your family made it out ok!!!!!! :sad:

    Thats way too many incidents.....where abouts are you?? Ive been robbed at gunpoint many years back and had been robbed with force as well....I wasnt into designer bags then and it happned twice............

    After that...I always look around and also stare at people that seems shady and make faces as well to let anyone around me know that Im uncomfortable....I stopped going to some places that would make me feel vulnerable as well......its crazy.....:yucky:
  10. Wow...I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. I can't imagine being afraid like that.
  11. Oh my! Be careful out there! I hope that doesn't happen again. I probably wouldn't take anything LV out with me if that happened even once to me. Be ready with a high pitched scream and a swift kick.
  12. I think for where-ever you are living you are a little to "flashy" for your surroundings...

    You need to tone it down or it appears you will be in real danger. LV is fun, but not worth dying over...
  13. Umm I know crime can happen anywhere but it seems you need to move! I carry very expensive bags, drive expensive cars and live in an expensive home and HAVE NEVER had me or anyone we know targeted for theft!?! Sounds scary to me!
  14. Geesh...please tell me where you are so that I avoid it at all cost.
    If so many things happened to me where I live I a sorry but I would move.
    A neighborhood is not worth all the trouble or danger.

    I'm sorry, but it seems that advice of look both ways and stay alert just isn't enough where you live. Thank goodness you weren't hurt.
  15. whoa! that is scary! glad you ard ok.