SB colors

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  1. Hi all! I have been eyeing the SB lately. I am wondering what color everyone thinks it looks best in. I live in Arkansas where there are tons of boogies everywhere but that's about all I see. I have been searching to find all the colors the SB comes in but can't seem to find all the colors. I would love to hear everyone's opinion that love the SB!:yes:
  2. Hi ck!
    I have 2 sb in summer colors (beach white and pool). I love this style and think it looks great in all colors so it really depends on what looks best with your wardrobe and you would get the most use out of. The SB looks great in red and grape from the Fall season IMO.

    I found a site that has pics of the SB in tons of colors from the past Fall 2008 season.

    I have purchased from them before without problem as well. Of course, you can use their site for pics and purchase somewhere else but it is harder to find the SB in stock at most stores. also has the SB in raspberry (use code 'grechen' for 20% off).

    HTH! let us know what you decide!
  3. The SB is super popular!!! And for a good reason...she's a great bag! :yes:

    There will be awesome new Spring 2009 colors coming in soon, too!!! :yes: If you can stand the wait til the end of the month you may see one you want in one of the new colors!
  4. I think the SB looks terrific in almost any color! However, in my own wardrobe this is one of my 'sassier' bags and I got it in black crunch leather and tango red crunch leather because to me, those are sassier colors!

    Get it in whichever color(s) will work best for you because the bag will be hot either way!
  5. I also think it looks great in every color. I only have a raspberry but wouldn't mind having more!