Says it was used once but looks scratched and old!

  1. Fellow purse lovers, I got a Marc Jacobs bag from a seller that says it was practically new and was only used once. However it's got scratches on the hardware and the shape of the bag is flattened due to not having the stuffing in it. I spend $445 on the darn thing, do you think I should file a claim with eBay or Paypal or just keep it even though I'm soooo not happy with the item??
  2. that is not cool. file a claim! paypal has "item not as described" category. take pictures of the flattened parts and the scratches since you may need to provide them as evidence.
  3. Contact the seller first and try to work it out, seller may just take it back and refund. One person's idea of the condition of a bag can be very different than another's. (Not saying the bag is not clearly used more than once). Point out all the defects very clearly to the Seller and say it is "SNAD", so the Seller gets the message that you are well informed.

    Good luck!