Sayings on Taco Bell Sauce Packets

  1. Have any of you noticed the little sayings on the Taco Bell sauce packets? I don't know why but I think they are too funny. Today I had one that said, "At night, the sporks make fun of me." LOL!! Does anyone else share my "simple" sense of humor? :p :lol:
  2. Yes, I always read the sauce packets when I eat at Taco Bell too. Mmm now I am craving some Taco Bell! :p
  3. LOL... yeah me too Some of them I'm like eh.. and others I am laughing histerically!!
  4. I love the sayings! It makes eating Taco Bell just that much more enjoyable!!!!!
  5. hah I never get the sauce packets when I order there, but I will now to get the funny sayings :biggrin:
  6. Me too.
  7. They are adorable!!
  8. they are also on the back of the heinz ketchup packets
  9. really I've never seen!
  10. I want a 7 layer burrito.....
  11. haha! I love the Taco Sauce packs! They are too funny!

  12. oo that sounds yummy! lol
  13. Those are hilarious. There's one I really like but I can't remember it at the moment. :push: