Saying you're a TPF member on eBay has its negative effects...

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  1. I'm selling a bag on eBay right now, and I stated in my auction that I'm a TPF member, only to give buyers a peace of mind. I know I always feel a lot better about bidding on an item if the seller is a TPF member...also, when I bought a Chanel bag on eBay, the seller was a TPF member and although she stated in her auction she doesn't accept Paypal from international buyers, she made an exception for me becaues I'm a member here.

    Bad things about it? I had someone bugging me, asking me to sell the bag to her outside of eBay within the forum. I said unless she's in the MP I can't sell outside eBay and through TPF. Then, she asked, why not let her bid on the item, then I'll end the auction early and send her an invoice for her offer so I can "save the fees". I told her, to be honest, a $100 difference (between my BIN and starting price) doesn't make a huge difference in fees. I already told her, if she is interested in buying my bag, she can bid on it or use BIN, and I even offered her free shipping with BIN. She just kept offering lower than my bidding price (and including shipping too) and I've already told her "No thanks" twice...blah.

    Sorry for my rant!!!

    Has anyone had something very good/bad happen to them in a transaction with another fellow member on eBay?
  2. Wow. That's just rude. Good for you for putting your foot down. People will try and take advantage of anything.
  3. I agree. People need to respect the rules.
  4. Just ignore her and maybe even block her, she sounds like trouble.
    I don't like pesky buyers.
    Good luck!
    Hope another buyer hits BIN soon!
  5. OMG! I've had this happen! Like, exactly. I wonder if it's the same PF'er...

    Anyway, NOT COOL. I hate when people try to take advantage of others. :tdown:
  6. You should report this to a Mod. I know you don't want to, but the mods keep us safe here and they NEED to know.
  7. Well, I don't even know who the person's TPF ID is, and I don't want to make a big deal (ie telling a mod) out of it if I was able to deal with it myself.
  8. I think that the issue can happend wheter you are TPF member or not, I have had the same situation many times even before I was a TPF member. But yeah it's a weird situation because they are not the one paying the fees anyway.
  9. That just seems weird. Karman I'm sorry you were faced with that. I hate continous low-balls. Make an offer is out there and if sellers say no offers then it means no offers.
  10. just a comment about anyone selling on Ebay stating that they are a member of this forum...if I saw a listing with that and didn't know who the person was on the forum, I wouldn't necessarily assume that this seller is trustworthy, above board or whatever...I've sold many bags on Ebay and I have an excellent rating but I've never mentioned in my auctions that I am a TPF'er...why would this assume credibility?
  11. I agree so sad
  12. That is rude but chances are she was gonna be a pain in the a** whether you mentioned tPF or not. She'd bug you just the same. Sorry you had to go through that.

  13. I do feel a little better if I see they are members of tPF because I can on them and see how long they are members. Chances are, if you sell fake bags, you wont be a member here that long. There is no promoting of fakes here so they'd just move on. A long standing member has some credibility to me.
  14. I didn't mean if a seller is a TPF member they're more credible; I simply said that it gives me a peace of mind, especially if the seller is a very active/respected member on TPF.

    Just because I stated that I'm a TPF member in my auction, I don't expect people to trust me 100% considering I have no feedback in terms of selling (I did sell another bag a couple months ago but the user got kicked off eBay and my feedback went with her account).

    The TPF member I did happen to deal with on eBay though, she only had like 30 feedback and no $2000 PP protection, and usually I avoid sellers like that (just in case...) but since she stated she was a part of TPF it made me a little more confident. I'm hoping, since I don't have any seller feedback and my feedback is < 100, people will put more confidence in me seeing how I'm an active TPF member (I didn't post my ID on my auction, obviously. I said if they're interested they can contact me on eBay for my ID to see my posts/activity, though).

    On another note...

    Unfortunately I guess a lot of people here are correct--regardless of whether I stated I was a part of TPF, I would've kept getting messages from this person. After her first message, I changed the auction to say no offers at the very top. I guess she failed to read the listing or never checked again. I would appreciate it if people would take "No" as an answer instead of pushing, pushing, pushing.

    Sorry for the second rant!
  15. I only post I'm a tpf member when I'm selling an expensive bag and I refer the buyers to the authentication threat for their peace of mind.