Saying No

  1. I'm just wondering has any of you been talked into buying things that you don't want? I'm one of those people who has problem saying no. I know that's a pretty bad thing because Hermes is so expensive. I cannot even count how many small accessories I've ended up getting because I couldn't say "no" to the SA.

    Case in point, recently I got talked into getting a Kelly double-tour watch in lizard skin (which they'll order later this year), partly because I felt bad that this SA is always so helpful toward me and yet I've never bought a single thing from her ... Anybody has any suggestions on how to say "No" without ruining the relationship?
  2. I find the opposite is true. When you kindly express your "preferences" it shows that you know what you want and that you have a refined, appreciative eye. Personally, this has helped me a lot with my SA. Showing that you have an opinion shows that you are a true collector and earns you more respect as a client. It's a GOOD thing to be selective, (but not overly so!!)

    Kou, don't order something you don't want. It's just a waste of money and you'll regret it. Instead, purchase something in the store that you love from this SA. :smile:
  3. I never have trouble saying no when things are that expensive and I'm not totally in love with whatever it is. When I bought my Caramel Kelly, the SA showed me a bunch of scarves as well. There was one traiangular scarf that I liked and thought, well, I don't have a triangular one so.....but then I realized that I didn't really love it. I said no and he quietly put it back. It's OK to say no, Kou. In fact Greentea makes a great point... They do take note of what you get as well as what you turn down. Maybe it would help to think that what you DON'T spend you can save for your next bag purchase! That's what I do!!!!!
  4. I've been offered ostrich birkins and kellys, and I was so tempted, because they're really hard to come by. But the color was not what I wanted and I said no. And I was glad I did, because if I didn't then I would feel like I just spent way too much on something I didn't LOVE, and that would make me sick! Now I'm just waiting for the right bags to come along and grab my heart :smile:
  5. I must admit, I do buy things sometimes that I don't want; particularly if the SA was really helpful and they really spent alot of time on me (I know, it's their job!) ..... I do this more at a clothes shop than at Hermes, since at Hermes I simply look at bags (although the other day I spent around an hour trying on their clothes and although I was willing to buy, Hermes clothes simply don't fit me well and almost everything costs over $2,000!).
  6. Are you kidding:blink: :shocked: Do they pay your bills? No, I didn't think so.
  7. I have to agree with gracekelly ^^ YOU HAVE TO SAY NO!!!

    Buy what you love and never be intimidated. Regardless of the reason you are thinking in your mind!!!
  8. I'm very much like you Kou, so i generally just avoid being in situations where I will go overboard. When I am on a shopping ban, I don't even peek at online stores. It also helps being about 2 hours from the Hermes store. LOL
  9. I can keep out of the stores, but how do you keep from peeking online? That would kill me:lol:
  10. dear, dear kou....i wish i could put a bubble around you to keep out the people that you do not matter to. I know this may sound shocking, but you do not really matter to most people. I do not matter to most people either!!!!
    You "sound", to me, as if you have the ability to be very wise, darlin'.
    Believe me, I have a very dear lifelong friend, who seems to me, to have a very low self worth, as she is pulled in by the triplepoints at Neimans, the birthday cards she received from her Chanel SA, her Mercedes SA, etc..get the picture??
    They make her feel like a queen and she needs that validation. Be careful honey. I try to live well and I try to live wise.
    Good luck!!!!!
  11. Oh I have the same, exact problem! I feel so bad that they are spending so much time with me (and yes, they do spend an extraordinary amount of time with me because I am VERY indecisive!!) just to end up with me not getting anything. I used to be really good about this, had no problems saying no. But after a few encounters with bad service, I think I've begun to treat good service more highly than before and so I feel like I should reward them for the service (which is very weird thinking on my part).

    Usually, I come to my senses about a day or two later, which is why I love return policies :shame: and then I'll go back and return it. I think a lot of this is due to retail therapy. It's a LOT better when I'm not alone though...I find it much easier to say no.
  12. Kou, it's okay to say no. A good SA will understand because they'd rather have you happy and want your repeat business.
  13. Kou, it sounds like you are a gentle, kind, person who does not like to dissapoint people, :cry: :angel: (it is impossible to make everyone happy anyway), it is a lovely rare quality, but you have to be just as nice to YOURSELF!:yes: stay nice and sweet, but if something is not right for you tell the SA..."I really appreciate your time and patience, but somehow I am just not in love with"...., or "let me sleep on it, I like to buy things I fall in love with, and I 'm just not sure that I'm in love, you have been so kind that I will definitely call you if I change my mind." as far as the watch goes, you can go back to the store, find something else you like and ask the original SA to cancel the watch because you like (...) better.:flowers:
  14. I second this. Well said, avandome. ;)
  15. i have absolutely no problems saying no to the SAs. my regular SA knows that i'm incredibly picky and knows better than try to pressure a sale on me.

    you should never feel bad about not buying anything at the store or from whoever's helped you.

    buying items to make the SA happy is wrong route. you should only get stuff that make you happy.