Saying Hi, and need help choosing my first LV

  1. Hi everyone, I just became a member of tPF because I love handbags and accessories. I currently own couple Coach items, and love them all.

    I always think that LV is for grown up people, not a college student like me. Plus my parents are not into designer things at all, they think it's waste of money.However, I am thinking of getting my entry LV sometime this May as my college graduation gift for myself.

    But I am not sure what to get... any suggestion?
  2. Hello! Welcome to TPF. Everyone here is very helpful and will help you find the perfect LV. What is your preference in bag: big/small, hand-held/shoulder, monogram/other?

    This info. would help everyone come up with great suggestions!
  3. I know it gets said all the time, but I :heart: the Speedy for a first LV. It's classic and will never go out of style! Do you prefer handheld or shoulder bags? Mono or Damier (of course there are other lines to consider also)?

    Oh and welcome to the forum!:flowers:
  4. I suggest that you look through the visual aids section. You can see how bags look on different people and start getting a feel for them. By the time, May rolls around, you will probably have a list! :smile:
  5. Welcome! :smile: Speedies are a great choice for a beginner bag.
  6. Welcome! :nuts: I just got my first LV recently too! What is your budget like? I love my MC speedy, and I think the Mono speedy is a great first piece as well! Everyone here is so nice helpful I'm sure you'll get a ton great ideas!
  7. hello and welcome. well, my 1st lv was a mono pochette. its really not a purse, but a lot of girls use it as one. i would recommend that if you don't carry a lot b/c it is rather small. if you need something bigger, a speedy 25 would be a great 1st lv bag.
  8. My first Louis was the mono bucket bag (small). I think the mono is a great first choice, and the speedy 30 is almost the perfect bag ever created...I bet 90% of tpfs own one!
  9. A mono or Damier Speedy! That was my first!
  10. I want to spoiled myself for graduating college, so I don't really have a budget in my mind yet, but I am in process of saving money.

    I want a LV because I trust the name and quality, not because I want to show off, so I think in some way I try to stay away from bright colors (like MC series...) I do love Damier series though.

    The speedy looks very nice, but I was wondering, if you just put one or two thing in it, would that cause the speey to sink (like.... not as round) ?
  11. My first LV was the speedy but I think based on the current collection (and the amazing price), I would say a BH!

    Good luck!!
  12. ^^ The speedy does sag quite a bit but you can put a magazine inside the bottom and it won't. I do that with my perfo speedy and it really works!
  13. ask yourself if you want a handheld or shoulder bag first. damier has designs for both.
  14. Since you like the Damier line, perhaps a Speedy 25 or 30 if you like a handheld bag or a Highbury, Uzes, Saleya MM or PM, Chelsea for a shoulder bag. There is a new bag coming out in April called the Sporty which can be used as a handheld or shoulder bag. Use the search function to see pictures of this bag. Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!!
  15. Welcome to TPF!!
    I'd suggest either a Damier or Damier Azur Speedy 30! You can't go wrong with either of those.