Saying Hello

  1. Hi My name is Kelly.. I am a stay at home mom of 5 children.. 20,19,17 & 5 year old twin Girls.. The other children are boy's.. I have questions about a few handbags.. I am thrilled to be part of the forum.. I love to meet new people..
  2. Hi Kelly, nice to meet you. You will have fun here. I just joined this forum for about 2 weeks also but I am having a blast. I would sayI am semi addicted.
  3. Wow, if you've only been a member for two weeks-how did you manage over 700 posts?:shrugs:
  4. Welcome to the forum, Kelly and hope you enjoy your time here.:yes:
  5. Hi Kelly, welcome! I'm a stay at home mom (aka SAHM) also. It's nice to "get away" at the purse forum.
  6. Welcome! I'll take a wild guess that you're a very busy person. Hope you can relax and enjoy when you come here.
  7. Welcome :smile:
  8. Hi Kelly! Welcome to the site! You'll be addicted in no time :yes:
  9. Welcome & enjoy Kellykool2001:flowers:
    I too am a SAHM, but I only have a 14 year old daughter. You will love it here!
  10. Welcome to tPF Kelly! My name's Kelli too! You'll have LOTS of fun on here! It's addicting!
  11. Welcome Kelly! I too am a SAHM and love tPF!! It's an escape for me to just unwind and drool over beautiful bags!! LOL!!
  12. Hi & welcome!
  13. Hi, and welcome. TPF is great escapism! I've got 5 yr old twin boys! (and a 2 yr old)
  14. welcome to TPF! yay! what designers do you prefer? tell us what you have, share pictures! i look forward to seeing more posts from ya!
  15. Welcome! You'll have a lot of fun here