Saying hello! Me and Dior!!

  1. This is only my 2nd or 3rd post but joined thanks to another forum and wanted to say hello!!

    i used to work for Dior - technically i worked for LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics - so am lucky in that I own a stupid amount of cosmetics/skincare and fragrance, a couple of watches, numerous jewellery and ltd edt and of course sunglasses

    the only thing i dont own is a bag! now i regret never going to the staff sales!

    so just wanted to say hello and hopefully it wont be too long before i get the bag!
  2. Hello hun :yes: aaaw warmest welcome to our Dior lucky were u to work for LVMH ! :wlae: any chance u could post us pics of Dior bits and pieces u managed to grab while you worked there? oh and dont worry you will soon find the first perfect Dior bag for yourself...and another...and another...and another....:yes:
  3. lol you might have a heart attack at my cosmetic collection but here goes!! this is just the stuff i ahem 'use' i.e is open unboxed or is what i will be using! (the stacked drawers are my unopened waiting to be used)

    plus a bit of guerlain mixed in there

    have had to sell a bit on eBay rather than wasting them going off etc

    havent got piccies of my jewellery or watches or glasses but watches i have the La D Dior and the 66 Steel, sunglasses i cannot for life of me remember the name - think they are the mini adiorable or at least very similar - 2004/5 - jewellery i have the street chic dog tag, a simple chain bracelet, street chic earrings, the snap on cuffs, and a few other bits but again not sure on the names

    pooh - wont let me attach due to size - will have to figure how to make them smaller:confused1:
  4. hey manc-lass!
    welcome to the dior subforum! :smile:

    sounds like a fantastic job you have there! ;) and i'm definitely looking forward to seeing the pictures of your dior jewellry, watches, sunnies - particularly the La D Dior watch. :drool: can't wait till you find the right dior bag too... well no worries about that actually, this forum has a good way of making us members have an ever-extending wishlist of bags, so i'm sure you'll definitely be hooked soon.

    anyway, if you're having problems resizing, you can try this online resizing tool: Resize Images online (just download/save the picture after resizing and then upload the resized picture on the forum)
  5. thanks for the site! will have a dabble with that tomorrow - just taken a piccie of the watches and jewellery and the battery died on my camera so will have to charge overnight - though seem to have lost my earrings :sad:

    my job was fab - only left due to moving 250miles away! :crybaby:
  6. :sad: at having to leave the job. on the bright side, any chance you might take up a job in the dior boutique within the selfridges (in the city) in manc? :graucho: it would be nice to say hi to a fellow PFer at the nearest dior to me. hehe!
  7. funnily enough its something i am umming and ahhing over as a part time weekend job!!

    when i worked for them i worked at head office in charge of consumer relations and have been told there is a job whenever i want on counter as a business manager - but ideally i would work for guerlain as i adore their skincare - its defo the nutts!! plus i know the girls at selfridges dior and Amit the business manager would never allow me to take over her domain lol

    but...the traffic getting in and out of manc or the trafford centre is putting me off - has taken me 1 1.2hr before now - its a shame as well as i know my stuff - not being bigheaded but i needed to for my job!
  8. Welcome to TPF!!! :biggrin:

    I can't wait to see the pics of your accessories!!!