Saying Goodbye to the Bottle

  1. Is anyone else trying to wean their baby off the bottle? Any tips? What age did you start?
  2. My daughter never took to the sippy cup. She is 19 months old now and rather drink from a regular cup then a sippy cup. I was able to transition her from the bottle to a straw cup at about 11-13 months.

    Good luck!
  3. I started weaning my son off the bottle when he was about 15 months old, after I stopped breast feeding. He is not completely weaned yet (he's 21 mos now), but he does go back and forth from bottle to sippy cup/straw cup. He doesn't take to his bottle as often as he used to though. He never really took to a pacifier either!
  4. it's recommened to wean off the bottle around 1 yr.
    This age is usually easy because they're usually down to only a few/day anyhow.
    I took off one at a time, leaving the night bottle for the last one.

    I did it by filling a sippy w/ their favorite drink and leaving it out and offereing it to them all day everyday. It'll take quite some time for them to take to it sometimes.
    consistency is key

    Choose which one you'll eliminate first and don't waffle on it, take it away and don't give it back that feeding.
  5. I gradually took my daughter off the bottle when she was a year. I started giving her the sippy cup and she finally stopped using it when she was around 15 months old. We just stopped giving it to her and that was it.
  6. :yes::yes:, One year is right aroud the age when it starts to be an attachment, same for binkies so if you can get them off before, you will have much better luck :smile:
  7. I took all of her bottles except for her night time feeding one at about 12 months, we used the soft Nuby ones and she took to those almost right away. A week later I took her night bottle away and at 14 months swtiched to the hard spout sippy cups, took her 3 days to to get used to those and we haven't looked back since. It can be quite traumatising as the bottle is such a comfort thing but like Swanky said consistency is key and really in the end you know your child best and when she or he is ready. Good luck!