saying goodbye to my LAMB rasta Mandeville


Geek Chic!
Sep 10, 2006
Portland, OR
First off HI girls!!!! So , have been home for the past few weeks kicking it with my parents in UNfashionalble Indiana! I sent the rasta home a head of me in the mail to be fixed by my father... Well My dear sweet never likes expencive handbags mother is in love with it. SO it looks like my LAMB collection will be losing one bag.... She loves it, and has put a cute charm from her high school charm bracelet on it instead of using the the zipper pull, my dad is making the zipper pull into a pendent... and I feel good because i know my mother will take super good care of this bag becuase she is gah gah for it so much... IT makes me smile that my 59 (all most 60 year old) mother is in love with such a fresh young print... you should see her when she took it out with ther friends....showing it off and totally bragging about it... I even caught her looking at yesterday at the new prints.... She totally becomming a LAMB addict!!!! I am totally on the look out for a rasta wallet for her... and some other bags ( a shoulder bag, maybe a alston?) for her birthday this august.

Also Tommrrow i get to pick up my Shadow mandeville from the Office of my apartment complex.. (thank god the office does package holding otherwise my stupid mandeville would be with that bag stealing girl!!!) I cannot wait to see it. I also have to take the esquvile back to Nordstroms... so if any of you are looking for an esq. let me know.. i'll PM where I am taking it back...


Jan 20, 2008
It is really nice of you to let her have it....I know she will love it...and you have that Shadow one waiting!!!!


is my voodoo workin'
Apr 15, 2006
OMG, you finally tracked down a Shadow Mandeville! Good for you, that's awesome!

I got my mom into LAMB too...she bought a Frosted Venezia a couple months ago, and bought a Kensington Holloway for herself for her birthday! Sometimes I'll see her walking around in some new LAMB sweats I haven't seen her wear before, and I'll be like "***** when did you get those??!?!" LOL.


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
Awww, that is the best story!!! My mom told me at Christmas that she would really like my BE Exeter without the Bullseye. Of course all the regular Saddle Exeters were long gone... My mom is 56 so just goes to show LAMB transcends age. If my Rasta stuff still looks good when I'm 55 I'll still be rockin' it at 55!


foxy lady!
Mar 21, 2007
she sounds so sweet willyouletgo.. :smile: lamb definitely for all age!
and congrats on finding the shadow mandeville! YAAAY!


L.a.m.b. Lover
Jun 26, 2007
That was so sweet of you, my mom likes my LAMB bags but I think there is to much happening on them for her.