Saying goodbye to my flat brass

  1. I have a weird relationship with this Holy grail of mine...I spent months relentlessly hunting her down and finally found her a few months back from a friend . But I haven really used her since and she spends her days in my closet. Maybe it's because it was something that I was wanting so much and after that I just wanted to keep her and protect her from the damage of daily use. And slowly, my affections for her grew cold...I am thinking of finding her a new home this Christmas.

    Anyone has similar experience with their HGs?
  2. I'm going through that experience right now:shame: I found the perfect black first from 05 (love the leather!!) that took me a few months to find, and I'm getting rid of it and using the funds for a new HG...flat brass first!! I did use it but would rather have a flat brass. I always change my HG though:angel:
  3. I just bought a flat brass and I am kind of afraid I won't use it for fear of damaging it. I was going to post a similar thread asking the ladies who had them if they actually used these bags for they just sat on the shelves.
  4. not allowed
  5. Nope, no such experiences with Holy Grail bags! In my case though, each purchase is very seriously considered, so once I find what I'm looking for, it stays:love:. Took forever to find my flat-brass hobo and black city w/pewter, and I love both dearly:heart::heart::heart:.

    The flat-brass classique has been eluding me for a good two years now - but you can be sure that once I find the perfect one, I won't be letting it go :nogood:

    (should probably add that I've sold some bags that I had spent a while hunting down in order to fund something else - but none that had been HGs)
  6. Just a friendly reminder bbag babes-- no buying or selling on tPF :nogood:
  7. I had a HG bag that I got, but then never used for fear of damaging it. Even though I loved it, I decided to let it go so that I could get something that I would use more often.
  8. I haven't been that way with any of my bbags, but I do have a couple exotic bags that I think sit around more than they should. I hunted them down, but I'm afraid to use them unless it's a special occasion....
  9. I think i get attached to the bags I use daily and that's how my affection for it grows. With this fbf, I occasionally take it out to admire and put it back so that's how the feeling got lost...

  10. I function exactly the same sort of "build" a relationship know this sounds weird but I also grow attached to the ones I use.

    When I said this to my hubby who really is not into fashion he laugthed and said:

    "It's just like having a gorgeous wife and not being able to touch her"........:lol:
    I think he got the point!
  11. Ditto for me too slinks! My 05 HG's of BG Pink (especially the Pink ;), Turquoise, and Magenta thrilled me when I found them, and thrill me the same today! Nope, they aren't going anywhere except on my arm!

  12. Haha...yr husband is so witty:p
  13. Deana, your collection is impressive!
    Well I guess I am not a "collector" after all...

    I like it when I buy something and use it to its "death" if you know what I mean...:death:
  14. i love my flat brasses! they are just so darn cool! love them. but i do know what you mean.. and someone else said something about building a relationship with a bag. i find if i have a bag and i dont use it, it feels like it is not mine, or not part of my character. The ones i use all the time become so much a part of me that i could never let them go. My two flat brass firsts are like this to me!
  15. I love my 2nd season FBF, that was my very first Bal that I bought back in 02, after hunting it down for a year.

    Although I don't use as much as I used to anymore(I used it just about everyday for a year or two)because I normally carry my bigger bags, my Cities or my Works, I can never let it go....she's way too special to me:heart: So I guess that was my very first HG:tender:

    Other HGs of mine(05 RT), I've never ever letting go.....just love the color way too much:heart::love::heart: