Saying goodbye to Louis Vuitton in style...

  1. I have decided that my upcoming custom-order will be my final Vuitton piece for the forseeable future (A special-made travel piece in Damier).

    Everyday I see more and more Monogram on more and more people everywhere, and even though I have never really bought or used the classic Monogram, I am tired of it - Frankly, I DON'T want to be one of the monogram-toting masses.

    So I have decided to stop buying new products from the brand, and to relegate the pieces I have to travel-use only.

    I hate to admit it, but I really do believe I started buying Vuitton in a particularly low-point in life, many years ago, as a treat/for comfort. And since this is over, I really don't think I have a need to buy Vuitton to make myself 'feel good'. And frankly, I know I can put my savings to better use! - as opposed to forking them over to LVMH

    So, this custom piece is really a big farewell to Vuitton for me in a way, something I am investing in soley because I have had the opportunity to more or less design it myself, and because of my faith in the workmanship behind the brand. A piece which is dedicated to travel, the way I like to travel, and which will represent, the real reason I have stuck with, and been interested in the brand for the past few years - its' origins in true travel items, and the whole bloody romantic history behind it.:smile:

    Stay tuned for developments/drawings on this custom piece. So far I'll say this much:

    - Haute Greenwich PM/West-End hybrid
    - 2 x internal D-rings
    - multiple internal pockets (zipped and patch) for sketchbooks
    - internal detachable barrel pen case (zips on and off underside of bag opening)
    - mustard-yellow Alcantara lining (As per blue Denim line),
    - rounded handle (as per Satellite cases)
    - squared double-buckle closures (as per Damier Uzes)
  2. Have fun designing your bag!
  3. wow this sounds amazing!
  4. You are definitely saying goodbye to LV with style! Post pics of this grand baby when you get it! From your description, it sounds wonderful and you'd be traveling in exceptional style!
  5. Sorry you feel that way about LV....perhaps in the future you will change your mind.

    Don't forget to post a final thread with pics of your SO travel item !!!
    I'm sure if you get this made, it may take months, so who knows, maybe during the wait you could change your opinion of LV....!!!!
  6. Very true! Unfortunately I have a mono 35 which I use for travel and thats about it. Will be my last mono piece ever.
  7. Ya they is alot of mono out.
  8. Sounds like an amazing piece.


    From a Mono toting mommy of 2!
  9. Thanks everyone.
    BTW, this doesn't mean that I won't stop frequenting these forums every now and again (I'm sure I'll ever be able to cease my fascination with LV happenings, new models, LE's etc). Just that I feel I have bought all I need and feel no need to any length to keep acquiring more, and that the overt visibility of the brand, wherever you go in the world, has also, frankly, turned me off the idea of owning more.

    But I will have to stop by a store every now and again for gift-giving purposes I'm sure. I have my eye on an Ivoire Epi Lockit for an Xmas gift for my mother.
  10. I personally don't care what everyone else does! They have nothing to do with me and my decisions!

    I hate to hear that you are done for now, and that others can influence you so much...

    Can't wait to see pics of your new bag though!
  11. congrats on your SO! I think I'm saying goodbye to LV, too. :sad:
  12. I say that Im leaving too, but everytime I try to leave something keeps pulling me back. please post pics
  13. oh gosh, i guess you are leaving LV with a bang huh? Your customized bag sounds beautiful -- do remember to post photos of it.

    I can agree with you that there are more and more people wearing/using LV, but this will happen to many things...jeans (ie: True Religions), phones (iPhones), restaurants and clubs etc. Just because it isn't as "exclusive" anymore isn't a reason to stop using it, if their quality is still good. But of course, this is all my opinion only. I respect your choice and of course....I hope LV wins you back later on ;)
  14. OT, Kuuipo, your baby daughter is soooo pretty !!! :heart:
  15. Oh, there are absolutely no problems or bitten feelings. I still absolutely love Louis Vuitton, for the many reasons mentioned in my first post. Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about this special order, and briefly thought about what piece I might consider buying next and I realised I don't 'need' anything else. That simple, really.
    And I will certainly continue using what I have. Most of the items I have and use regularly (My Monogram Laser messenger bag, nomade pocket organiser for eg.) are quite discreet as far as overt brand obviousness goes, indeed I bought them for that reason.

    Oh, btw, in correspondence between my store and LV paris, is being referred to as 'The Sketchbook Bag'. It is essentially a weekend bag, with features to accomodate my sketchbooks (Pockets designed around the dimensions of large Moleskine sketchbooks) and other drawing materials. I am a graphic designer, and when vacationing, always forget my drawing/writing materials - so this would be the ultimate solution :smile: