Saying bye for now

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  1. Last night I made a HARD decision (I say hard like this is life or death) and sold my true love, Whiskey Ali. I'm hoping sometime in the near future I can replace her but if not (like DH said "You'll find something better". He was really sad for me, I know it's just a purse but it was my favorite and I actually cried over the darn thing!).

    So I'm saying bye for now, just because we've got debt to pay off and this place is WAY too tempting (and enabling lol). I'll lurk I'm sure but I'm trying to focus on our situation and get things all squared away so we can FINALLY be home owners and then I can own as much Coach as I want with no worries!!!!!

    Enjoy your bags ladies!!!!!!!! :heart:
  2. So sorry to see you go. Sometimes you just gotta say bye to Coach and other unnecessary things. Good luck!
  3. So sad to see you go and that you had to sell Ali :sad: Try hanging out in the Money Talks section. There are some really good threads on there about saving and resisting temptation, etc.
  4. Oh, I am so sorry!! {{HUGS}} I do understand and hope things will get better for you soon! I also understand completely how enabling this forum is, and I don't blame you one bit for taking a break!! Hang in there and all the best!!!
  5. Hey, wishing you all the best. All of your sacrifices now WILL be worth it in the end. Stay strong! :flowers:
  6. Well, I guess I will say TTFN! Well see you soon, hopefully! Hope everything gets better for you. :flowers:
  7. I know we will all miss you, but you have to do what is best for you and your hubby! I will keep you guys in my thoughts good luck with the house hunting!
  8. All the best to you and yours! Good Luck!
  9. Not to worry. Your doing the right thing. We will see you again soon, hopefully as a new homeowner!
  10. Good luck mama0306!!!
  11. Good luck hunn! I am going through the same thing right now, paying off debt is really hard especially when you have an interest in Coach. My fiance and I are moving into our first apartment on June 1 and I have to pay off all my credit cards before then, so that mean goodbye to buying Coach and I also sold most of my bags and accessories. You are doing the right thing and in the long run it is only a material thing, having a house to come home to knowing it is yours will be such a great feeling. Good luck and we will see you soon! :hugs:
  12. I am so sad to see you go and to know that you had to sell your precious Ali! I know how much you loved her! :cry: You are so strong and your husband is right.. and before you know it you will be back on your feet and right on top of it all.. I am right there with you.. I can't wait to see you on these boards again. :flowers: I do have to say while I still hang out here there was a time I wouldnt' have been able to without spending.. but come on over to the Money Talks forum, especially the Curbing you Consumerism thread.. it's great inspiration and there are quite a few of us giving up our loved possessions!!!! BTW I pm'ed you back yesterday! :tup:
  13. I will miss seeing you on the forum mama0306. It's really a good thing to get our priorities straight in our lives, though. Happy home ownership!!
  14. Sorry you had to sell your Ali. You are definitely not alone here! I understand wanting to take a tpf break. There are a lot of temptations here! I hope you can get all of your debt paid off so you can buy your first home! Good luck!
  15. Well, saving up for your house is a top priority and sound investment. Here's wishing you all the best with the house saving fund! After you get your home and are all settled, then you can look forward to a little purse and retail therapy.