SayGRACEplease's collection - Whadya think?

  1. Hello ~ I'm a purseblog newbie and finally found a area where I can share with others my passion for purses. I'm spent countless of hours of drooling over everyones collections and wanted to share mine as well.

    It took me HOURS to take all these pics because I've decided to make a folder with all my purses and description so when I'm deciding on what to use in the morning to match my outfit, I don't have to rummage through to find the perfect purse for my outfit. I'm thinking its going to take a year and a lot of time in front of the computer to do it but it'll be an investment of my time and I'll be able to have a picture in case the purse gets lost or dirty. Am I crazy? Anyone out there that has already done this or has thought about it?

    I LOVE CHANEL and only recently am getting into LV. I grouped all my bags by color. I have more designers but will post later.
    Chanel collection_edited.jpg Louis Vuitton_edited.jpg Louis Vuitton 2_edited.jpg gucci_edited.JPG
  2. Your chanel layout looks like it belongs in a magazine! Love it!
  3. Here's most of my purses by color...
    black purses_edited.JPG blues_edited.JPG reds and pinks_edited.JPG browns_edited.JPG
  4. Here are my glitzy stuff...
    Glittery collection_edited.JPG clutches_edited.JPG
  5. wow! that chanel dress is :drool:
  6. My favorite purse designers are Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs has done amazing designs but for his own label, I think its a little trendy so I'd rather spend money on classics such as Chanel and LV.

    For the everday bag, I just LOVE Isabella Fiore. At first, I thought it was a little grannyish but now I have a new respect and love for her designs. I think her bags are so unique, fun, and a very reasonable price compared to all the other bags out there. Here's my collection and I can't wait to get more.

    I'm on the fence of the green flower child bag. What do you guys think? Is it tacky or unique?

    These 3 are my favorite bags to carry right now... if anyone knows the name of the pink bag, please let me know.

    Thanks for looking!
    Coco Puff.jpg flower child.jpg do you know my name.jpg
  7. Oooohhhh.... how could I have forgotten my brand new Isabella Fiore red hobo :confused1: If anyone knows the name to her, please let me know... It looks very similar to the Whiplash but I can only find them in brown and black, not red.
    isabella fiore red hobo.jpg
  8. Your collection is so diverse. Your beaded clutches are beautiful, but the chanel things...tdf!!
  9. oops... here's a picture of all my Isabella's together
    Isabella Fiore collection.jpg
  10. your Chanel halter dress is so pretty!
  11. Ooh gorgeous collection! You have a great variety of bags! I love your Chanel clothes and bags!
  12. Love the Chanels!
  13. Cute little Mandrin Epi Pochette!
  14. Love your Chanel that dress it TDF!!
  15. Thanks everyone! Funny... i didn't even know the LV was called a Mandrin Epi Pochette :yes: