Say who? $500 for a STRAW CLUTCH?!?

  1. Oh my...I love it! For 500 hundred dollars i hope it makes it to the outlet. hehehe

    maybe calling coach today to order this one......
  2. Wow, that's a lot.
  3. that is stunning in the grass color!
  4. That one that you posted second Dewey is a lot less, right? I don't understand why the first one is so expensive.
  5. yeah - the one betty boop likes is $168.

    I'm still trying to fathom why that first one is $498?!?
  6. probably because of the link chain and its limited because it has the perfume print inside...i assume they didnt sell the perfume basket very well...because they've taken the goodies out...and now selling it for $998 instead of $1600...I'm happy with my straw was only $258...I have no purpose for the huge one
  7. Wow...that's a lot

  8. I saw that big basket at the store yesterday... and it was comically HUGE!! LOL... I couldn't believe it!! Some of the smaller SAs could have sat inside of it!!

    I am just really hoping that they sell those darn Patti sunglasses... I :heart: them!!

    Maybe this is $500, because of the medalions on the side, and the vintage clasp closure... I could settle for the $168 one myself, but then - I am not really a clutch girl...
  9. That is a lot!!
  10. I just cannot get behind the crazy expensive straw stuff! straw should not be more than leather! plus, the SA at my store said that you do have to be careful with the straw as it can 'shred' and get messed up. I dont want that kind of worry!
  11. OK so why the HECK is the Signature Stripe Top Zip Pouch $138 when all the rest of the top zip pouches-- even the new Hamptons watercolor-- are only $98 or less?

    ARGGGHHHH I WANT THAT BAG but it's ridiculous that it's $40 more!
  12. Court I completely agree with you. That price is just silly. It's straw! Besides, straw is just too 'little debbie' for me.
  13. The SA's were on my ass to order it; saying how cute it was and how it was the "must have" of the season. I laughed at them.
  14. i think i would have laughed too!