Say something nice about yourself!

  1. What are you good at?
    What do people say about you that you don't mind hearing?
    What do you do, on your own, that benefits others?

    I love to make people laugh, and generally try to make the atomsphere pleasant for people.
  2. I think it's hard for people to say good things about themselves. It's much easier to identify the 'bad' things about yourself. :smile:

    But I'll say that I think I'm pretty good at putting together different color combinations for creating unique jewelry. How's that? LOL :smile:
  3. I am as good a mother as I can be & that's what matter to me!
  4. If there is a really good bargain in a store, I can and will find it.

    The nicest thing people say to me is that I make them laugh.

    A nice thing I can say about myself is that the two items above are not always related.
  5. Also people say that I am incredibly honest & can keep a confidence, proud of that!
  6. I am a mother who is disabled and I try to attend every school event my childern have so they will always remember I was there cheering them on and supporting them.
  7. I love to make people laugh. I always have a smile on my face and always have good manners.

    Things that I love to hear from other people: "I love the bone structure on your face!", "You're so thin... what's your secret?", and "You have such a nice smile!".
  8. :s Um...Hmm...:hrmm: ...:blink:


    I know! :idea: I make a mean creme brulee and marinara sauce!
  9. I am a fab cook; a loving mom (main source of focus is to instill kindess and love and to seek out other children who may need a friend more than others); I volunteer for Le Leche League (breastfeeding support for new moms) and I am super polite and friendly to all service workers (big tips; 9/10 they deserve every penny).

    On the negative side.........

    I sometimes get a bit snippy with the inlaws. I am working on that though. One day at a time!
  10. I am on tPF procrastinating dropping off my latest foster baby at his forever home, but I am a good foster mom.
  11. I'm proud of myself just for being me and for surviving what I've been through. I'm a good person, and I'm beautiful no matter what anyone tells me. (it's taken a long time to think that way!!)

    Oh, and I lost 2kgs! :yahoo: :wlae: :woohoo: :boxing: :dothewave:
  12. A compliment I get that I shamelessly admit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for weeks, is that I'm one of the 'most genuine persons' they've met. What a special compliment to receive!
    (I can ride any good compliment for a month or so...I'm easy! :smile:)
  13. I rock. :lol:
  14. Um...I'm a good listener! My friends know I can keep a secret or problem.
  15. umm Im a smiler :biggrin: I smile all the time, I cant help it, my family say I have a naturally happy face that makes them happy.

    Thats the best I can do ;)