Say Something Nice about Someone Else Thread. :)

  1. I'm feeling particularly warm and fuzzy right now. I feel as if there has been a lot of negativity around here lately, so here's a really nice little thread. It's simple, just pick someone from the board and say something nice about them! I'll start:

    I think that IntlSet always has something really nice and intelligent to say. Her opinion is always valued by me, and I'm always interested in her comments! Plus she loves Stepehn Colbert, and that's just adorable. :smile:

  2. PurseGalSF always has something positive to contribute, and she is gorgeous.
  3. I miss Kojiko. :sad: She's nice and funny. LOL.
  4. Swanky is so sweet and is always so available and so awesome! I love her....!!!
  5. Vanojr9 is really sweet and generous and just an overall incredibly nice person :P.
  6. serendipity3kb makes me laugh and she's always telling me something new.
  7. Fayden ^^ has gorgeous bags! I especially love her dior gaucho!!
  8. Cristina's posts always make me smile!
  9. Hannapple gave us a fabulous gift by starting the thread about celebs and their speedies and posting all the pics. Thanks again!
  10. Amanda has reallllllly good taste in music, and is pretty funny too. :smile:

    Cristina is one of the first people here whose posts I noticed, and enjoyed reading. = ) she always has something sweet to say, and adores Matt Skiba :P
  11. PRADASMEADOW always has interesting things to say and such fun thread ideas.

    I love Stars fearless shopping trips and the time she takes to post the gorgeous pictures.

    Selenas sarcasm and one liners make me laugh everytime.
  12. :love: :love: :love:

    Speaking of Mr. Skiba, the show was amazing! They played the entire "God******" (excuse my language :P ) album, and tons of old stuff, for almost two hours! I was in heaven, my throat was sore from singing :lol:

    Dani has great taste in music and her posts about health and fitness are always informative and right on target :amuse:

    Irissy makes me laugh :P

    Perja's posts are always funny

    Ayla always has great LV advice :nuts:

    IntlSet gives great advice and is a very smart cookie :amuse:

    Loganz has the best fat cat avatar. It's kinda post related :P

    Pradasmeadow always starts the best topics here in General Discussion!
  13. I always run to Ayla and Christina for anything LV related. LOL. I look up to them as LV connoiseurs and they both have well-thought answers in threads.
  14. Kat>>>>.always upbeat and friendly
    Bagsnshofetish>>>> funnest replys to my posts
    Sunshine>>>>>such a great name for a great person
    Dia>>>>>>>always friendly and polite.
    Heavenscent>>>>>.short and to the point.
    Printmodel>>>>>>>>>>>>post friendly
    Lvmom>>>>>>>>>>.great advice
    Cristina,Loganz,Swanky,Amanda (are the best ) :love:

  15. :shame: :love:

    I agree, bagnshoo's posts are always hilarious! :lol: And Kat always posts great threads with photos of her new bags :love: