Say something nice about a tpf member!!

  1. It seems to me that everyone here is so nice and always willing to help out at any opportunity

    Therefore I thought it would be really nice if we all said something nice about a member - it can be a little thing they have done for you - or just something about them that you think is fab!!

    I'll start....

    Amanda - for helping me when I first joined! I:flowers:
  2. I don't think I know anybody well enough here to say something nice about them, lol :sad:
  3. There isn't anyone that I CAN'T say something nice about.

    Props to the VladMegs team firstly, mostly because they've given us addicts a home !

    And to my fellow mods, the time that you all put into keeping this place ship shape is really appreciated, and I know you don't always hear that so - thank you !

    I've met an incredible number of extremely helpful, friendly people while here. For instance, mello_yello_jen is adorable - always willing to help out a fellow bag addict ! And everyone that does authentications - like *freetoes* and RobbieNEmmy, thanks for all the help !
  4. First of all Thanks to Vlad & Megs and all the other Mods that make tPF what it is! :flowers:
    I would like to thank Jill because she offered to help me in authenticating Prada purses and has been really nice to me.:flowers:
  5. Everyone is great but if I have to say something nice about 1 person I would have to say thank you to Smoothoprter she offered her help to me to search for a handbag I couldn't find. Love a person who goes out of her way to try and help.
  6. obviously, big thanks to vlad, megs and other mods that make tpf a wonderful place.
    rachelA: thanks for being so nice and supportive when i was freaking out about my mulberry.
    other members: thanks for answering my stupid questions.
  7. Thanks, me love purse - I am just glad you got it sorted!

    Oops - I did mean't to thank M + V and all the mods as well - you do an absolutely fab job!!:flowers:
  8. I want to say thanks to tod. We met recently and she could not have been nicer. I hope to return the favor soon. She's a doll.
  9. I love everyone here! There is rarely a member who is disrespectful and if so they dont last long anyway.

    To twinkie and bagnshoofetish, love you girls! I meant it when I said you better not leave!
  10. Intlset is a really kind person who#s always willing to help.
    cal beacuse she has the best avatar and such a wicked sense of humour.
    lilibags is such a sweetheart!
    jasanna I hope you'll get better soon
    darelgirl my pen friend from Berlin
    I could go on and on and on because they're all really nice persons!!
  11. Its hard to say something nice about just 1 person because I have become friendly with a few! But Fayden my friend! A special shout out to you for always resizing and watermarking my pic's:yahoo:
  12. Megs + Vlad = Brilliant for creating this forum

    All Mods: Always on top of everything..keep this place fun and safe from trolls

    So..soooo..many nice ladies and gents in here who has great sense of humour and style.

    LV_Addict (Irene): love her bags and her style..always ..always come up with awesome VB pics

    Yeoux (Sandra): Great sense of stlye and great taste in bags.

    Sophia: the coolest 14 yo I know..
    Kimmy ; Always share great deals in LV forum from Ebay
    Mirroirprinces: very friendly
    Ayla: always helpful

    I hang around in LV forum most of the time( if not MP), I must say everyone is super duper nice and helpful.
  13. Jill, without a doubt-very helpful and friendly:love:
  14. Ooh, so many people to shout out to. Vlad and Megs, naturally, without them we wouldn't be here!
    abandonedimages you're always so helpful with newbies and veterans alike, and so vigilant about spotting bags others might want. It's nice to know you have us in mind when you go shopping. :lol:
    fryedaze, I'm eternally grateful for the advice you gave me, thanks again for your wisdom. :flowers:

    There are so many who are always so helpful, so encouraging, I would feel weird trying to single them out (I might miss someone!). So thanks to everyone! :tender:
  15. many thanks to megs & vlad and the mods. and of course all the wonderful ladies who help authenticate handbags from ebay (especially Michele for chanel) and all the other girls who provide the latest news about new styles/models of the diverse brands! :heart: