say it isnt so


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Aug 20, 2006
i went to the outlet, and asked if they had any agendas in back, they said no they arent going to carry them anymore, and that the boutiques arent going to carry them anymore cause coach isnt giong to produce them any more! WHAT!?!?1!?! she said of course we will still have the refills here and on the site.



Apr 22, 2009
*Blink..............blink* Really?? That's baloney! They're so popular! Maybe she's misinformed. *Crosses fingers* Nuts, now people will have to buy them from the bay:/

Oh but gee, Coach, thank goodness you'll still have the refills:P


Nov 4, 2009
Oh man! Some of my favorite all time items are the planners! I remember last time I was at the outlet near me, I saw almost no planners. I asked if they had anymore in the back and she said no, that they are phasing them out. When I asked why, she said it was because noone is using paper methods for tracking appointments anymore since everyone's phone and netbooks will do it for them.

I'm sad..


Jun 22, 2008
I have to admit that I haven't used a paper agenda for years. I don't even know anyone that does in my area. a way I guess I can see this. You'd think though that they are popular enough with Coachies that they'd at least carry one style in basic black or something. You know? I'm sorry for you all that use them, I know how much you all love them!! If I see any at my outlet I'll let you know.


Aug 21, 2008
I can kinda understand that from their standpoint, although it's SUCKIE!!! I'm sure most have gone electronic, and those who haven't don't buy alot of agenda's. I've bought 2 in my life...when I bought my gold leather turnlock I sold my black leather one. Makes since, but it dosen't mean we'll like it!!
Oct 30, 2009
I think if Coach made them a little cheaper and in more patterns they probably would have sold well. But then again even though people like Coach some people will only pay so much for a certain item. When you can get a planner for $25 or $30 bucks and just throw it in your Coach bag instead of paying $150 or so it make more since to others.


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Aug 25, 2009
i went to my FP store last week and bought my refill

and they had new agendas for sale

so I dont know if its true or not, i asked the SA if Coach was going to stop making them, she said, she never heard of that.

so maybe if you call Jax , they should know what they are doing... Right??? LOL
May 27, 2008
OH NO! I love agendas and I use mine daily! I have one coach 6x8 berry leather agenda that I use at work and yes it's true that I track my appointments on my computer but I like using my work agenda for daily to do lists. I also I have a couple of smaller 3x5 ones (LV and coach) that I switch between and carry in my purse for personal appt etc. I guess it's not the end of the world of Coach doesn't make them anymore just as long as LV doesn't stop as well :| i need at least one of them to continue!


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Apr 27, 2009
I have heard of that. That the one for the Tribeca line are the last ones. That is the last one.

That also happened with the Lanyards and it I can not believe that they do not make those still.

But Coach changes her mind all the time.


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May 13, 2009
I tried using my phone to track appts. and I just can't do it. I LOVE my coach planner. I use it to jot down phone numbers, if someone mentions a kids event, dr. and dentist appts, and I carry my checkbook in it too. Plus I use the pockets for whenever someone gives me a business card.

I had a palm pilot when they came out a million years ago, and now my phone has the same capabilities, but I just never found it as convenient as just writing it down. Plus it seems to stick in my brain more when I write it.

I'll mourn the loss of the Coach agenda, especially when mine wears out!


Jun 14, 2007
I'm surprised that they wouldn't offer this as an option. They are a bit bulky compared to others, but I usually take out the address book anyway.

I still need a paper calendar to see appointments in advance. I need to see things a few weeks at a time to balance events. The phone/electronic system only works while I'm out and need to see where to go next!