Say It Ain't So Prada!

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  1. My Ivory Prada Vernice Crystal and Stud Pyramid Tote Bag has been used roughly two times - I have it on display in my closet. (Note to self: USE the bags!). A few days ago I noticed that it had turned an unfortunate shade of yellow - and there are a few darker horizontal "lines" running through it here and there. I'm very upset about this as it's an expensive bag and this should not have happened. There's no fraying, or stains, or dirt, or anything - because I've used it twice, but I bought an ivory bag - not yellow. Two questions; 1) Has anyone been able to get this issue reversed and restored back to ivory; and 2) Does anyone recommend an exceptional, tried and true, luxury handbag restorer that can, at the very least, re-dye it to black or pink if it can not be restored? I would imagine it would be time consuming with the studs and crystals - but can it be done? Thank you for your time.

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  2. :confused1::shocked: Oh my goodness.
  3. That's terrible. I doubt that anything can be done to restore the bag to its original color. Redyeing it wouldn't be a good idea either, I'm afraid.
    How long have you had this bag?
  4. I hesitate to buy Prada due to the first experience of an ivory patent leather bag turning yellow. I have an issue with the quality of their bags vs the cost.
  5. It's very difficult to redye this particular bag with all the stud details (the dye is often added like a spray paint or stained onto the leather, and the studs will mean the dye won't be evenly applied at those spots, or they'll be covered with the dye too).

    I think it may be the glazed coating on top of the leather oxidizing. At first, I couldn't understand how the ivory leather could yellow to this extent without having a patent coating, but then I saw from the second picture that this leather is on the glossy side, which may mean that the leather has been coated with clear plastic. Clear plastic tends to oxidize and yellow over time.

    Aside from the darker streaks which aren't as noticeable, I wouldn't have thought your bag changed colour if you didn't tell us that. I would have thought that it was the natural colour, so enjoy your bag!