Say hurray for paddies!!!

  1. I just bought a tan paddy from one of our fellow PF members! She sent me pictures and it's gorgeous!!! I'm so happy!!! Although this along with my recent purchase of a pink b-bag will probably not allow me to get any more for a while I think my purchase choices were pretty good. :biggrin:

    My paddy is coming next week, so I'll post pics when it comes. Once again thanks Ms. twinklette!!!
  2. YAY! I am the same more bags for a while now that I have ordered the Edith and the pocket, but who needs more bags with two (in addition to my other bags) this fabulous?!
  3. Congrats jeannie! Who did you buy your paddy from? Post pics!
  4. Congratulations on your first Paddy purchase!
  5. Congrats jeannie! yay!!! Let us know when it comes!