Say HI when you see ME

  1. Hi all,

    Wondering it would be FUN to see the pictures of your LV handbags with the tPF LVers secret sign on it. For some of you that already received the twinkle.tink keychain, can you all please post some pictures in here

    It will be fun when we see how do we put the keychain on the handbags, since different people might have different style to use it and to see how does the silver color go with the gold hardware

    I'm still waiting for mine, so feel free to start with :graucho: and I will post the pictures of my LV with tink keychain soon after I received it ;)
  2. great idea suminasaii! i'll post mine soon. it will be so fun to run into people with the charm now. :nuts:
  3. Thank you Nakolulu!! but no one start until now, I knew there are some members already have it. I really cant wait to received mine and post the picture here soon.

    Please post the pictures when you received yours Nakolulu ;)
  4. what a fun idea, especially for me :smile: Can't wait to see them all!
  5. :yes: I can't wait to see it here too!! C'mon all...dont be it off to everyone here :graucho:
  6. oh, great idea ;) so glad we'd meet fellow tPFers at forum off :lol:
  7. woohoo here's mine :heart:
    thank you, tink! i love it and it came so quickly! the silver mixed with the gold hardware isn't so bad at all...
  8. ^ so cute!! gorgeous patina too!
  9. I've got mine on my cles :biggrin:


  10. ^ aha! great idea!
  11. :nuts: looks gorgeous!!
  12. anotheremptysky - the silver is BEAUTIFUL on the framboise!!
  13. keep it coming guys...dont be shy to show it off ;)
  14. oh there so cute:smile:
  15. Here's mine on my Damier Speedy 30. I love how the silver works with the gold hardware on the bag.