Say hi to my soon to be new friend...

  1. It's cute!
  2. NICE!
    Enjoy it! oh, and don't forget to post pix when you get it.
  3. Love the patent, what color did you get? Looks like it will hold a lot AND look good doing so!
  4. ooooo- i like it! i also like the price :tup:! what color did you get? I really love both colors to be honest!
  5. Cute! Good price! Which color did you get?
  6. Thx! Sand
  7. OHHH and I used ****** so I feel positively VIRTUOUS
  8. LOOOOVE your sweet doggie pic!:nuts:
  9. Really cute!

    Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. ooooh, so cute! and your doggie...i :heart: huskies!
  11. super cute :smile: congrats
  12. Very cute in the patent!
  13. Super cute!

    What color did you get?

  14. Great deal! I love FB, I have one with me today. They hold up very well. Enjoy!