Say hi to my Marine PT w/GH. pics.

  1. Hi girls,
    I think most of you know by now that i was searching to buy a Blue bag but could not decide which Blue.:s After weeks of going back and forth, i finally decided to get the Marine PT w/GH.:nuts: I got it yesterday from BalNY. I know most of you don't like the gold hardware but i like it with the Marine color and i must say i got the best leather.:yahoo: It is very soft and smooth.:drool: I took some pics for you so let me know your thoughts.:heart:
    IMG_2260 (2).JPG IMG_2261 (2).JPG IMG_2267 (2).JPG IMG_2265 (2).JPG IMG_2276 (2).JPG
  2. wow, I'm not a GH fan, but you're right, this combo is beautiful! Enjoy your PT!!
  3. Congrats - it's beautiful:party:
  4. i love it! it's beautiful. love the color and the GH goes so well with PT style.
  5. As a huge fan of GH I have to say she is a beauty! I love it! How did you get it so fast?

    It does look like a true navy in the it? Does it have purple undertones.

    Now I'm impatiently waiting for my Marine Weekender... I hate waiting!!

  6. Jewel - I live very close to NY and i get my packages the next day.:yahoo:
    The color is a true Navy and i can't see the purple undertone but then again i could not see the Gray undertone in the Anthracite either. :shrugs: I love the color and the PT style goes well with the GH.:yahoo:
  7. I'm so glad you traded the Anthracite for something you really loved! Congrats...'cuz she's a beauty!
  8. Nanaz - it is gorgeous! I love the GH and the marine is perfect with it! Enjoy!
  9. just absolutely beautiful. congrats.
  10. very nice. congrats!
  11. i like it. i think the GH on the part time make for nice proportions. it makes the bag look like a city!
  12. Lucky!!! :yes:

    Yeah I'm still amazed at Anthracite... Now I am more apprehensive about buying colors before actually seeing them..but I'm pretty confident that Marine is exactly what I want.

    I really want to get a part time next....I think I'll get a Fall color with Silver GH....maybe "plomb"???
  13. Fayden - you are absolutely right:yes: and that is why i like the PT style w/GH. :smile: When you put your stuff in the bag, it looks just like the City. :yahoo:
  14. WOW! it is so pretty!! Congrats!!
  15. Nanaz, this is soooo classy!!!! I LOVE it! And I love the contrast with the leather. Beautiful bag girl!