Say hi to Miss Spy-- my new chocolate Love!

  1. Hi guys!

    I just got my first Fendi-- a gorgeous 2006 Chocolate Spy in mint condition. I actually got her from a lovely member of tPF who lives in the SF Bay Area like me. I am soooo happeeeeee (to have met such a lovely member and to have such a wonderful new bag!) :tup:

    You like? (picture three is of my kitty who always rushes over and curls up next to my purses. She's a purse girl, too. :p)
    CIMG2064.JPG CIMG2061.JPG CIMG2063.JPG
  2. it looks so yummy
  3. very nice!
  4. Beautiful!! i cant wait to get one!!
  5. O:huh:o:huh:oh pretty! Congrats on the bag!

    Thats a good picture too, the color looks amazing and so soft. Love your kitty! I have three kitties but have to keep them away because one chews on anything that smells like me, the other sits on them (which is ok except I'm afraid her nails might get em) and the third is indifferent, but may get freaky with it (smelling and rubbing..:rolleyes:weird).

    A little off topic but since I can't Private Message you yet..I'll be visiting the SF bay area in a few weeks after many years, any place you suggest visiting? (Besides areas where I may be tempted to buy fendis lol)
  6. Very nice, congrats!
  7. Congrats I love the diffrent browntones.
  8. gorgeous, congrats!
  9. Lovely choco Spy!!! Congrats! and your kitty is too cute!!
  10. Absolutely beautiful!! I'm still on the hunt for my own chocolate~! hehe :love:
  11. Looks perfect!!!!!!
  12. Oh so pretty, congrats! I have a kitty who loves my bags too! My LV Batignolles Horizontal belongs to her now :nogood:
  13. Beautiful! I have the choco spy as well. It's my favorite bag ever. You made a great purchase!!!
  14. You are sooo lucky... Beautiful bag, Congrats!!!!!!
  15. Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. :heart:

    kneehighz- I hope you have a great trip to the Bay! I live in Main County, just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you're on 101S in Sausalito (the town furthest south and closest to Golden Gate in Marin), take the last exit before the bridge, and go up the windy road into the hills. There are some absolutely breathtaking views, and the short drive (maybe 15 mins) is amazing. Not so many tourists know about it. ;) Also, Angel Island in Tiburon is a great day trip. If you hike to the top, you can see all five bridges in the Bay on a clear day. There are also some little private beaches and great, easy trails for mountain biking and walking.

    ...and if you're feeling naughty, go to Neiman Marcus in Union Square (in SF). Ask for Peggy. She is the sweetest, sweetest SA and can show you their gorgeous Spys!!