say HI and BYE to GIGI!!

  1. As quickly as she was here, she's now gone...

    I bought a Clay Gigi literally a week ago...our store only got TWO so you know I had to have one! gorgeous bag, perfect size, great color everything!! :drool:

    so why did i take it back today??:confused1:

    it kept falling off my shoulders...i just couldn't take it. as much as i loved it it's not worth adjusting a million times.:crybaby:

    but all hope isn't lost...I ordered something else....

    GUESS WHAT I GOT?!?!?'re gonna have to wait until TUESDAY for the new family member's arrival..........:graucho:

    So say hi and bye to my Gigi:


    she will be missed!

  2. Oh you suck....:p

    Well.....hi and bye to Gigi anyway.......
  3. waves to the pretty bag....

    sooo ummmm whatdya get??? I swear I won't tell a soul! :p jk!
  4. Oh, sorry about Gigi, she was such a pretty bag. Hmmmmm, what was it you said you ordered in place of her?
  5. Oh no. You will find the perfect bag soon.
  6. you're a tease......:p Lets play the guessing game...give us little clues? ;)

    hi/bye to Miss Clay.....:push:
  7. *cries* I could give that gigi a loving home...I want one so bad! Guess I gotta wait till paychecks start up again...
  8. I bet you bought the legacy shoulder bag in Clay???????? are keeping us guessing!!! Anyway, hi and bye to your pretty Gigi and I cant wait to hear what you got in her place!!!!!
  9. so sorry the gigi kept falling off your shoulder. yea i wouldn't keep her in that case. bye gigi! hope you go to someone else who will take good care of you! *waves*

    what did you get?!?!? aaah, i cannot wait to see pics!
  10. I love this bag so much!!! I am still torn between spending a crap load of money on Lily or instead getting the clay Gigi plus a few more jewlery pieces during PCE. I literally had a dream about it last night...isn't that crazy!!!

    Can't wait to see what you got!!
  11. I noticed the same thing about the Gigi. I can't wait to see your next new bag!
  12. You should get the GiGi and more jewelry!!! Lily is nice but SO overpriced. IMO.......
  13. hmm. maybe i WON'T get a gigi after all... i'm assuming it's the same sort of slippage issues as the slim tote (which is returned). but this is a hot bag...
  14. I'm sorry she didn't work for you! I have to say though, that clay colour is...:drool: NICE! I can't wait to see it IRL.
  15. the only hint i'll give is that it's a bag i've mentioned that i wanted before...that's it! it's too easy if i say the line or the color, teeheehee!!