Say hello to my Timeless Envelope WOC :)

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  1. Just got it today. I still have the Half Moon here and now I am making my decision between the two.

    The Timeless came brand new all wrapped up and is perfect. Big yay being I ordered it sight unseen. Always a scary thing to do with Chanel...right?? lol!

    Anyway, here are pictures :biggrin:

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  2. Love this. I like the size of the half moon because it seems you could fit a few more essentials, like a phone and lipstick. Which are you liking best (pros and cons)?
  3. Love it, it's perfect! I didn't know the style name but have always loved this WOC. Congrats :biggrin:
  4. I have the same WOC, I think it's a classic.........and I love it! Good luck making your decision....I'm sure you'll love whichever one you choose.
  5. It's beautiful!!! I love the WOC, it looks fabulous on you!! Congrats on it and good luck deciding!!
  6. The good thing about the Half Moon is that since it's basically a mini purse with card slots, it can fit a little more in it. However, I can see it becoming tiring as it's not a "Classic" and I don't know how well the look of it will hold up in the future. It does look a bit more casual and younger as opposed to the Timeless but the Timeless is a wallet, thus a WOC! Like I said, the Half Moon is basically just a little purse. Now if that came with gold hardware maybe I'd be singing a different tune but being this is my first WOC, I think it's best to go with the actual square shaped style. I am about 98% sure I'm going with this one. Wish I could keep both though but that is not possible right now.
  7. I really like the look of the timeless WOC on you ... I understand what you mean about the half moon WOC being less classic and timeless. I am having that same debate with myself right now.
  8. Does anyone think it's silly to have this WOC being I own the M/L black flap with gold hardware? I do plan to wear the WOC in the day and I never wear my M/L in the day, just at night.
  9. The timeless looks great on you, but I am sure the half moon does too!
  10. I have a whole thread on here with pictures of me modeling the Half Moon ;)
  11. Both are great but I vote half moon :tup:
  12. You look good!...
    given a choice between this or half moon, I chose the latter ;)
  13. Lovely mod pics!!! I personally prefer this to the half moon :smile:
  14. this one looks great too but i also prefer the half moon cuz i can fit more stuff in it since it expands
  15. OP, Love this woc better than the half moon! It's not silly to have both the m/l flap and this envelope woc, they have a total different look and this woc can be carried messenger style whereas it's hard to do so for the m/l. It's also a little bit more casual than the m/l. Enjoy!