Say Hello to my Patchwork!!!!

  1. After thinking about the Bay for the past 2 months i've decided to purchase the Patchwork and i've think i've made the right choice...
    You can't believe how soft and how light is seems that you are not carring a bag!!!
    I'm in love.....:heart: :heart:

    The bay is more popular but i really prefer the Patchwork!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Patchwork Chloe 007.jpg Patchwork Chloe 008.jpg
  2. Pics!
    Patchwork Chloe 009.jpg Patchwork Chloe 019.jpg Patchwork Chloe 021.jpg Patchwork Chloe 022.jpg Patchwork Chloe 020.jpg
  3. oooh l_b :love: that is one beautiful bag... i love the contrast piping!!!!

    Is it lighter than a bbag???
  4. Hi it is gorgeous congrats, what colour is it please?
  5. Yes it is.... Is the lighter bag i've ever had....
  6. Nice bag, congrats!!!
  7. WOW!!!! :drool:

    It's really a lovely bag l_b, congratulations!!!!!!

    I too like the bay but am opting for the prada fringe tote instead.
  8. It is dark brown
  9. l_b your bag is beautiful! The leather looks amazing! I love patchwork. Congratulations!
  10. I haven't had the opportunity to play with one IRL yet, but just from your pictures it looks super smooshy! Congrats!
  11. That bag is sooo pretty!! The leather on the patchworks is soooo soft :love:
  12. It's beautiful! And you look so chic with it, congrats on your purchase! :yes:
  13. I love your Patchwork l_b :yahoo:

    I started a thread about this bag a little while ago as I was thinking about getting one myself - you're pics have helped me decide! It's gorgeous! :heart: :nuts: Congrats!:yahoo:

    One question - can you fit the bag over your shoulder or is it a hand held tote?
  14. You can fit it over your shoulder but not with a coat....
    See the pic!
    Patchwork Chloe 015.jpg
  15. Gorgeous!!