Say HELLO to my newest bag!

  1. she was originally 438.. marked down to 258$ then given extra 10% because i said it was used a bit and returned which it was but not noticeable. The leather on the bottom has some scratches but nothing serious..

    Total she was 252$ from MAcys!

    sample picture below.

    btw they had this in camel all leather for a mistake mark down of 149$ leather was in good condition with minimal scratches..
  2. Congrats! You got a great deal.
  3. congrats!
  4. congrats!!! someone else on the board just got this bag too
  5. :yahoo: Congrats! You made a fabulous choice!
  6. It's really cute! Congrats on your new tote!
  7. Gotta love the ergos! I got one today too!!

    Yay! Go uss!! :biggrin:
  8. its time for a coach fob.. aka key chain thingy.. any recommendations on what would look nice with it?
  9. The Star Luggage Tag Charm!!

    And congrats!
  10. Very nice congrats!
  11. Love, Love, Love the Ergos. You made a great choice in selecting that bag! Congrats on your Ergo!
  12. I have the SAME exact bag and I love it!!! I am only 5FT tall and it looks like I am carrying luggage but I don't even care because I can fit my whole kitchen sink in there AND it's comfortable! CONGRATS! You are going to absolutely love it. Also, you got a really good deal...I got mine from Dillards for a little over $300 and already thought that was a good deal but you got it for a little thief! :woohoo:
  13. OMG *jaw drops* If I call the Macy's store will they phone order and ship the camel ergo tote to me?!

    I love your new tote!! They are so lightweight, this would be perfect for traveling!
  14. It looks great. Good Purchase!
  15. congrats :tup: