Say hello to my new small soho!

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  1. Hah :lol: I went to mulberry store yesterday because our new Louis vuitton store hasn't opened yet (until today!). I tried bayswater what turn out to be too big for me :crybaby: or I'm too small for it.. so it looks kind of funny if I wear it. Then I tried ledbury - and it's so small! I couldn't stop smiling :lol:
    And then.. I remembered soho! When I tried it on.. I just.. fell in love!

    I did save this money for a louis vuitton wallet but.. I can wait for next pay day! And there were just two of these small sohos so I needed to buy one before they run out.

    Here's some photos of it - the SA put a cute ribbon to the bag!




    And me wearing my new love :heart:

    I also saw this lovely dark brown credit card holder.. maybe that's next on my list..
  2. Gorgeous colour! Great purchase well done, I can see it will be a versatile bag across the seasons. LOVE IT!
  3. Serene - very cute bag and it looks wonderful on you!! Congrats!! Very well done!:woohoo::woohoo: That bronze looks lovely with your skin tone and maybe that bag was made just for you:tup:
  4. Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Lovely it looks super and you wear it really well...................enjoy!!!!!
  6. Looks lovely on you. Congratulations!!!
  7. Congrats, Serene, that bag is absolutely gorgeous :heart:

    I tried it on in Bicester on Thursday but it was, sadly, too small for me - it really, really suits you, though. The leather is just beautiful, isn't it?

    ETA I really like your coat rack full of handbags, too.
  8. It's so full of bags :lol: my bed is almost above it so I'm little consern if they someday fall to my face when I'm sleeping..
  9. Wow!!! That is really cute,and it suits you so well!! Cogratulations!!
  10. Not above -> under :upsidedown:
  11. What a cute bag - beautiful colour, it's perfect for you!
  12. What a lovely lovely bag! I adore the colour, it looks great on you.
  13. Looks great! Congratulations.
  14. nice
  15. Cute bag, and it looks great on you. You might have to consider moving your bed soon :lol: Watch that face!!