Say hello to my new love!

  1. ::clears throat:: Ladies and Gentleman, meet the new love of my life. My RM wine Matinee!!!

    I have to say thank you again to Contessa and Luvinmybags for their help!

    p.s. Excuse the dirty mirror:shame:
    IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0200.JPG
  2. ::applause all around:: !!! That is one gorgeous red, thanks for posting pics! Glad you finally got it, enjoy :yahoo:
  3. Gorgeous!! I want one too!!
  4. It looks as though it was designed with you in mind!

  5. i love it!!!! I'm thinking about getting one... can't decide!!
  6. Thanks everyone! I highly suggest this bag, it is gorgeous and the leather is awwwesoome! I got it from active endeavors with an "apologies" code for 25% off.
  7. Congrats! She's beautiful :girlsigh:
  8. WOW! It's gorgeous and looks fabulous on you! CONGRATS!!!!
  9. The color is so gorgeous. Congrats!!!
  10. Gorgeous!!Congrats!!
  11. Gorgeous bag :smile:
  12. Love the colour, it is really beautiful. And the bag is very pretty too, of course.

  13. Oh, she's gorgeous! You'll love carrying her! Congratulations! Bet you feel like royalty! :queen:
  14. LOVE it! The wine is my favorite RM color. Congrats :wlae:
  15. LOVING that color! the bag looks great on you! congrats