say hello to my new little friend!

  1. I saw this bag in this color IRL and it is AMAZING!
  2. ooohhh...thanks kelly! i ordered it sight unseen!
  3. Can't wait to see the pics!!! It's a great color!
  4. OMG I love that color! How exciting!
  5. OOOh! NICE! Must post pics!:yes:
  6. The color looks so rich! Can't wait to see pics when you get it!
  7. That is really nice and so different but similar to LV Speedy bag.
  8. It is beautiful!
  9. Very lovely color. I really adore the Rebecca Minkoff bags I have seen lately (the new ones I mean).. but I'm still a bit ticked off by the no-response to my many emails...
  10. CT grl...what emails? are you having a problem with your RM???
  11. I :heart: it! The color looks fab! I'm excited to see pics!
  12. That color is TDF. Such a perfect hue for fall/winter (and wouldn't look out of place for spring and summer).