Say HELLO to my new goodies *PICS*

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  1. I did some online shopping... and everything arrived today... *wohoo*...

    First, the Damier Navona... I’m planning to use this as a cosmetic case mainly, but it would make a great evening bag, too :yes:


    Next, the new love of my life: The Epi Porte-Monnaie Billets Trésor wallet in LILAC :nuts:
    This color is freakin’ gorgeous IRL and the wallet is in mint condition w/ absolutely no signs of use...


    And... last but definitely not least: some Hello Kitty stuff which I ordered a few days ago... lol... I know, that’s not LV, but I love it :amuse:

    navona1.jpg geldbörse1.jpg beide1.jpg hellokitty.jpg
  2. Lilac and Azur :love:

  3. That lilac wallet is gorgeous! Congrats on both!
  4. You had a great on-line shopping. Congrats and love the lilac epi wallet.
  5. congrats! the navona is lovely! much nicre shape than the pochette IMO!!! Love the hello kitty phone charm! I want one!
  6. Great purchases, congratulations!
  7. Congrats, they are beautiful - love the lilac epi, it looks fantastic w/ azur!!!
  8. Ooh those are some sweet purchases :smile: congrats!

    p.s. cute hello kitty stuff too ^^
  9. Ooohhh ... the Lilac Wallet looks amazing with your Azur Speedy. :wtf:

    Congrats on all your purchases ... you got great taste. :love:
  10. ooh gorgeous!!! adore the lilac! where did you get it?
  11. Awww!! I love your goodies...perfect choice..and the batzbatzmaru is sooooo cute ;)
  12. Thank you :shame:
    I got it from rebeccalou28 :yes:
  13. You've been a busy gal, Congrat's.
  14. Congrats! Love the LV and Hello Kitty!
  15. Those are YUMMY!!!