Say hello to my new Chloe Molly!

  1. I just received her yesterday and I love her.:heart: I believe that this style was only made last year and then discontinued. There have only been a few of them that I've seen.

    It's the first bag that I've owned that is made of goatskin. Does anyone know if I need to put any kind of protectant on it or if it's similar to calfskin??
    ebay 033.jpg ebay 035.jpg
  2. Pretty! I don't have any Chloe goatskin bags. I have a Marc Jacobs that is goatskin. I didn't do anything to it and it's been fine.
  3. Great bag... Congrats!!!
  4. Thanks guys! Now I just need to find a good wallet to go with my new bag.
  5. Oh that's pretty and unique - never seen one before but looks lovely!:love:

    Maybe you could ask from some leather specialist do they suggest conditioning / protecting..? It looks to me a bit like the kind of leather that might darken or change it's colour with conditioners so I would be wary. The leather looks so pretty the way it's now!
  6. Well isn't Molly a fascinating little number. Sort of Bettyish but with a little twist. She's fun and pretty. Enjoy!! Also she looks really soft.
  7. Nice bag, great style!!
  8. Oooooh - that is a fabulous number. I am really not familiar with it at all but I like it. Congrats!