Say hello to my new baby!!!

  1. Well I just picked this little guy up and I'm in love! He's precious. His name is Cash. He's about 10 weeks old. He's a morkie. I'm so happy! Yaaayyyy
    image-3779023650.jpg image-2605016085.jpg image-2573727819.jpg
  2. simply adorable!!

    cash!!! bring me cash!! :roflmfao::tup:
  3. Named him cash because he cost me so freakin much of it!!!!!!!

    Jk. I just thought it was a cute name and my boyfriend keeps calling him cash flow and the little guy actually likes it!
  4. He's cute and so tiny! Is a morkie a mini yorkie?
  5. So tiny and so adorable. I wish I can hug him. :hugs:
  6. A morkie is a Maltese and yorkie mix. Tooo cute of a combo if u ask me!

    Thank you! He gives lots of kisses.
  7. Aaaaah how cute is that :heart:
  8. Oh my goodness! So adorable!
  9. What a little cutie!
  10. Thanks you!
  11. so cute!!! How heavy is he??
  12. Just took him to the vet. He's 1lb 5oz.
  13. Adorbs!
  14. AWww so tiny and cute!!! Congrats!!
  15. SO cute