Say Hello to My Little 'friends'.......

  1. So I was been cheating on my Chanels lately and diverted to LV, just because they have so many cute colors out now.

    I waltzed into Neiman Marcus close to closing time with ZERO intention to buy anything as I just bought myself a Suhali Verone MM lockit for Christmas!!!! But anyways, this new Violet color Roxbury was too cool to pass and I bought the extra long strap so that I can wear it as a messenger in the rainy weather of San Francisco. There is a new shape coming out in Monogram Vernis come in February. It's the bigger version of the Rosewood. A cross between a bucket bag with the rosewood and it comes in two sizes. One that is handheld and the other that can be carried on the shoulder. It's coming out in the new Violet and the Pomme.

    I just wanted to share my proud possessions of the night with everyoneeeeeeeeeeee!!:yahoo: photo.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  3. love it!! Congrats on the awesome purchase! :woohoo:
  4. Beautiful bag and love the MC pochette, congrats!
  5. Cute! Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous purchases ... LV is bringing out some beautiful colors, love that violet roxbury!
  7. The violet looks great with the white MC! I love the Roxbury (I have it in pomme) but I would hesitate to take it out in the rain with the raw vachetta!
  8. Oooh, loving the Violette Roxbury .... :drool:

    Congrats on all the new LV beauties!!
  9. Good choices! That Pochette MM is too cute!
  10. beautiful bags! congrats
  11. wow, nice haul!! and a new Rosewood is coming out?? wow..that'd be really cool.
  12. Congrats
  13. OMG!!! Awesome!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Great purchase...:tup::yes:
  15. Gorgeous purchases!! Enjoy.. Thanks for the new information too!