Say hello to my little friend

  1. Mr Roo said I could pick out something for Valentines Day, so I got this a couple weeks ago. [​IMG]

    It's blue jean/clemence. Sooo cute. This is my first Hermes leather item. (I have a couple scarves.) Now I just need a black Birkin and BJ Bearn to match. :love:



  2. Your title cracked me up Roo!

    Congrats on the beautiful Ulyssee!!! Love, love, love BJ!
  3. Hellooooooooooo, FRIEND! :love:

    It's beautiful, Roo--enjoy it.
  4. Thanks ladies. Since I want a black Birkin, I thought the BJ accessories would be nice because they will be easy to spot inside the bag. :heart:
  5. ooo delicious
  6. Ah, lovely!!! I think I am going to have to get one of these.
  7. :devil:
  8. This is BEAUTIFUL! I adore BJ.

    Great pick!!
  9. The thing that I found interesting is that for the quality of this item, the price, IMO, is quite reasonable. The Balenciaga coin purse costs more than this item does and this is 10x more practical. (Plus it's Hermes :p )
  10. how cute!!! congrats!! what a sweet mr. roo u have as well.
  11. ok, first of all i love the name of this thread. i can practically hear tony montana's accent. (or is it tony mogntana?)
    second. omg that crazy afro puff smiley!!!!!! haha
    thirdly, your present is BEAUTIFUL!
  12. I love the Ulysee--enjoy it! Btw, GREAT thread title Roo! LOL! As soon as I saw it, Al Pacino's voice doing the Cuban accent popped into my head.

  13. Roo, what are the dimensions? How many pages are there in the notebook?
  14. Congrats Roo! That is sooo lovely!
  15. I posted in the suggestion box a long time ago to ask Vlad to add this smiley. It's one of my faves. But alas it didn't happen. Maybe we need to ask again? I love how groovy it is ! [​IMG]