Say hello to my little friend!

  1. Ok, I've had a thing for Constance bags for a while and the recent posts with Constance pics have taken me over the edge! Say hello to my new little friend! I love it. Its such a comfortable bag to carry! I just have to figure out how to open it easily without scratching up the bag lol. It is the 23 cm black box. I guess you can say I have been really bitten by Hermes lately. Im loving it though.


    Here it is on me being carried at the longest strap length. I intend to use it on the shorter length but it shows how versatile this bag can be.

    Thanks for letting me share
    23 cm (for reference, Im 5'9)

  2. It looks beautiful on you! Congratulations!!!!
  3. Oh that is gorgeous! I love the size! It seems very versatile and looks really nice on you!
  4. Ack! I eyes....I've been thinking a lot about the Constance lately as well; it is such a beautifully made bag, and yours is just beautiful on you. I love it! Congratulations!!
  5. The bag is lovely and is a classic. Congratulations!
  6. She's beautiful, and it looks like you two were made for each other.
  7. Congrats, Looch! Your new Constance is gorgeous.
  8. I Had Feeling This Bag Was Coming Next After ~ That Constance Thread....It's An Absolute Beauty...ENJOY!!!!!
  9. Yea, that Constance thread did me in. LOL.
  10. Lucci! You look HOT!!!! That is a great bag on you seriously! G O R G E O U S!!!!!!!Congrats I love it! :heart::heart::flowers:
  11. Lovely. Enjoy. You'll find many uses for this great bag
  12. Very elegant Lucci!
  13. Very very elegant and classic. Lucci- congrats to you. :heart:
  14. Beautiful, congrats! I'd love a Constance one day.
  15. WOW! Black box Constance - does it get any more classically Hermes than that? GORGEOUS bag!!! My eyes are green....