Say hello to my little friend

  1. Well, the Chanel shoulder bag went back to NM today. As soon as I saw the Ferragamo again I knew it was the one. Isn't it a beauty!:love: Btw, thanks for your feedback on the Chanel. I appreciate it.



  2. Kat: Congrats, she is a beauty! =)
  3. Gorgeous! And looks like a functional bag too. May I ask how much this retails for & what the style name for this Ferragamo beauty is?
  4. I love it! I'm plotting my next major bag purchase (next month...maybe) and am torn between this bag and a Balenciaga City.
  5. love it! i want this bag! congrats!
  6. Kat - i have just looked at the other thread and I have to say I think you made the right choice, that Ferragamo looks stunning on you! Jealous!
  7. Kat it is gorgeous! It looks so fantastic on you! Just love it!
  8. I love it, Kat! It's just beautiful. Thanks for the great pictures, the bag looks wonderful on you :nuts:
  9. Looovvvve it!!.....looks gorgeous on you! Glad you picked this one.
  10. looks so nice. i wish i had one. u wear it so nice too!!!
  11. Kat -- I love it. It looks great on you! I ordered it with the gold hardware and now after looking at yours, I am thinking I should exchange it for the silver. Congrats!
  12. Loves it! Very chic! I like how it looks on u too. Grats!
  13. wow, that's really nice! that's black and not navy, right? The leather looks great, do you know which leather is that? I saw one at the store but the leather is not as nice as yours. It was kind of crinkly and not as smooth. Also, yours look 'shiny' and new while the one i saw looks dull... i was disappointed when i saw it in the store but now that i see yours, i'm in love again!

    oh, what size is yours?

    btw, anyone knows what other colors it comes in?
  14. Kat. I am glad you chose ferragamo as it looks very very good on you as compared to the chanel tote.
  15. Muppy, I have one black with wicker details on the buckles which makes the bag look more "earthy" tone. They also had one soft gold metallic with wicker details which I absolutely adore. I also saw some beige, white and bright purply color with silver hardware at galleria. Gorgeous!