Say Hello to my little friend -> Bleu Glacier Money wallet

  1. I went to NM to *return* stuff and this tart little Bleu Glacier Money wallet forced itself on me :yes: NWPurseLover can verify this for me (back me up here, C!) :sweatdrop:


  2. I love the color! Congrats!
  3.'s pretty...welcome to the money wallet family....i have one in marine color and i love the wallet so much esp the compartments inside.....:smile:
  4. It's gorgeous. I saw Blue Glacier in person recently and I never thought I'd say this...but .... I think I might even like it better than Blue India!
  5. Congrats girl! Blue Glacier is so beautiful!!!!
  6. Yeah! I love the money wallet. It is so convenient to use and, at least for me, the perfect size. I'm sure you'll love this little beauty (aka tart :graucho:).
  7. Thanks!!

    Pelinka: this color IRL was too stunning to pass up :heart:

    Celia: you and I have the same taste :p your oval was the one that made me HTH one!!

    Fiat: I have yet to see Blue India IRL but the depth of color on this one is spectacular :girlsigh:

    Jag: as our Uber Mod, do you think you can be in charge of my spending?!?! :smash:

    Chuggie: the Money is totally The Perfect Size. :yes:

    Trouble is: my Mom saw it and wants it!!! And her b-day is in three weeks!!!
  8. Lovely!! The Money wallet is so functional!! :tup:

    Blue Glacier is winning a place in my heart! :heart:
  9. congrats!!
  10. Thanks Bags and RoseMary!! :flowers:

    I have been wanting a Money in a bright color for a long time. They are way hard to locate too.
  11. *waves* Hello! Very cute!
  12. I finally saw this color IRL and it was so pretty! Congrats!
  13. love the color it looks a bit like the cornflower
  14. I hereby testify that this cute money wallet jumped right into hmwe46's open arms and demanded to be rescued from the NM glass case!
    I love this color, I don't think the photos do it justice.
  15. Congrats! I have the exact same wallet, and I absolutely love the color. It's definitely one of my favorite blues. Enjoy your new wallet!