Say hello to my Embossed Polly.......

  1. Cause she's going home. :roflmfao:

    Now that I am getting an Oskar Waltz there is no way I will keep this big ticket bag. She's a beauty but she's going back ot elux. She had a short stay but I enjoyed my time looking at her. LOL

    Say bye bye :supacool:
    polly1.jpg polly2.jpg
  2. Awwww, she's beautiful! But, I'm glad to hear that you found your Oskar! :yahoo:
  3. Hello and goodbye Polly! She's beautiful, are you sure you can't keep her? LOL. Congrats on the Oskar! : )
  4. Awww... so sad to see her leave... she WILL be easily replaced though!!! :P

  5. LOL. I could. But would it be smart? Probably not. If it were a bit less expensive I'd keep it....but its she's outta here:roflmfao:

    Oh and thanks for the congrats on the Oskar. I can't wait until it arives
  6. I totally think that you are making the right decision--the Polly is beautiful, but the Oscar Waltz is STUNNING!!

    Early congrats:smile:
  7. I think you've made the right choice in getting Oskar!!! Even though Polly is a great bag, I think Oskar is much more exclusive and VERY exotic looking!:love:
  8. I agree with Irene....the Polly is gorgeous...but the Oskar is simply TDF! Right choice IMHO :smile:
  9. Bye bye Polly...

    HELLOOO Oskar! :nuts:

    As long as you're getting the bag you truly want!! :yahoo:
  10. Congratulations on getting Oskar but's still sad to see Polly go....

    Still, the Oskar's an absolutely gorgeous bag and in any case, if u miss Polly too much, u can still get her...
  11. yay, but it is sad.

    but in the end, the oscar tops the polly anyday!
  12. so this bag..well you got your dream bag so it's for the best for right now..
  13. Thanks everyone. I think you are all right. The Oskar will be SOOOOO worth it. :yahoo:

    Who knows, maybe this time next year I will find the Polly in this color or fauve on ebay for much less. :yes: After the hype has died down. :P
  14. Yes, I agree that Oskar is soooooooooooooooo much better. I am envious!!!! I love the Oskar & also the Macha. I hope to get one of them after the 1st.

  15. How about you let me borrow your Adele and I'll let you borrow my Oskar. LOL:roflmfao: