Say hello to my Bling! *PICS!*

  1. Well some of you might have read Luvapugs post about getting the call for the Silver Lockit? Anyway if you havent read it she declined the bag and let brendating get it. Who's my dearest bagpal!! Anyway the bag was in London and seeing I was down there having a little break she asked me to pick it up for her. No probs I said, I was just happy Brenda was getting the lockit. :smile: She loves this bag!! So when I was picking it up, I mentioned to the SA how much I would love one of these bags and how I am 7/8th on my boutiques W/L. The SA asked if I would like to put my name down incase anymore came in. At first I said nah there's no point, it was complete luck that they received Brenda's one. Anyway she kept telling me to put my name down, so in the end I did - no harm right!? ;)
    Well the next day I get a call from her, she has the GOLD one and if I want it I have to let her know!!!!!! :amazed: I would like to add that I nearly fainted. I was shaking for about an hour after the call!! When I shouted my boyf he thought someone had stolen our bags! Plus the fact that I could bearly talk all I could say was looooocccccckkkkiiiiittttttt, ggggoooollllddddddd!!!

    Turns out the bag arrived the day before but she couldn't tell me as someone had reserved it. The person didn't get in touch with her so she released it to me! She said she was happy that it was going to someone who really wanted it! :yahoo:
    So I have babbled on to long but here is the crown jewel of my collection:
    lockit1 resize.jpg lockit2 resize.jpg lockit3 resize.jpg lockit4 resize.jpg lockit5 resize.jpg
  2. Soooooo beautiful!!!!
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Congrats!! It sooo pretty. I am sure you are happy that person Enjoy all of your new purchases!
  5. :yahoo:How exciting! Congrats on your lovely new lockit.:yahoo:
  6. Congrats!!
    I can never get bored of seeing pictures of the Miroir Lockits!!
  7. more pics to come.....
  8. oh AWESOME!! it's great that you were able to get one, and completely unexpectedly!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  9. :yahoo:Yeah!! Congrats. The gold is so beautiful.
  10. Congrats! :tup:
  11. A few more pics...
    inside lockit resize.jpg london carrier bags.jpg lockit on side resize.jpg miroir close up resize.jpg
  12. Congrats I'm so happy you both managed to get them it was destiny
  13. Looks GREAT! Congrats! :biggrin:
  14. gorgeous, congrats.
  15. and in the small bag was....
    plus a group photo of my London purchases, the inclusion was off my boyf btw! :love:
    lockit and inclusion resize.jpg lockit and inclusion2 resize.jpg lockit and inclusion with carrier bags resize.jpg both inclusion in boxes.jpg