Say hello to my bday present - diorissimooo!!

  1. what a gorgeous bag! congrats.. i'm already turning into a Dior addict seeing everyones lovely purchases :smile:
  2. wow wow wow~ it's also my taste, sooooooooo charming. Congras. :tup::heart::heart:
  3. Congrats! Let us know once you've named her!
  4. WOW happy bday, perfect way to celebrate~!!
  5. Oh my gosh, this bag is incredible!!!
  6. Congratulations! This bag is so classy and will definitely serve you well for years :smile:
  7. Wow, I love it :love:
  8. Damn hott!!!
    congratttttsss, its a classic bag!!
    love the color n the pretty pink liningg
  9. woooooowww