Say hello to my Anthracite City! ^^

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  1. Hi! I think this is my first post in the Balenciaga forum... This was kind of a "spur of the moment" purchase because I wasn't staring at Balenciagas for years before I bought this one! But... I recently became infatuated with the City's style as my style becomes a bit more 'edgy', and when I saw it in Anthracite, I jumped at the chance! Normally I'm more of a Chanel/LV girl...

    So, here she is! I like the colour, it's slightly blue-ish depending on the light. It REALLY pops with navy or green! Although I like the style, I am still kind of debating whether to exchange it for black, since the black will be more 'classic'... I have so many black bags though!

    One thing I wonder though is how does the Anthracite colour age? I've seen black ones which have this super-worn pretty vintage look with some colour fading, but I haven't really seen any "aged" anthracites. Does anyone have any pictures, or comments on this?

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  2. Love it! I don't have any bbags yet but there's many who should be able to help you! Did you get this in a boutique? This is the bag I've been thinking about... :smile:
  3. I can't give you any insight on the Anthra color as I do not own one, but I absolutely adore your City!

    It's gorgeous!

    I do know that Anthra can have different undertones depending on the season/year. I saw a 2014 Anthra at a NM last week and was really digging the blue-ish undertones of this season.
  4. I have this bag and I purchased it in May 2012 from Neimans. To be honest, I ADORE my bag, but have used it maybe only 10 times on weekends since I have purchased it, due to using a smaller cross body for work M-F. I want to say my bag has become slightly more bluer since I first received it and I still love it just as much as I first got it. It goes great with all your blacks, silvers, blues, greens or cold colored outfits if you like to match. I say keep this color bag since you have so many black bags ;)

  5. Thanks for the tips! I actually think I will exchange it for the black though... I played around today with my anthracite city and it really is just too grey for my liking... The pictures of Bal anthracite that I saw and loved were the ones where the bag looked very dark, almost black, but had a kind of reflective sheen of blue. So it was basically a really, really dark, brilliant blue.

    I'm generally not a fan of grey since I think it washes me out, and I saw it already happening today with this Bal...While the colour is nice, I don't think it's a colour I'll be in love with forever... Sigh...If only it was the colour the photos made it look like!
    For that reason, I think I will go back to black... it may be kind of boring, but it's super safe and I know I'll always love it. : )
  6. This is a nice grey though but support your decision to change to Black...hee :P

    It is beter to be safe than sorry, congrats
  7. In the end, it's what will make YOU happy :smile:
  8. Haha I know!!! In my heart I think the grey/anthracite is just not me... Even though it's more black in my already huge collection, I have put my name down for a black city! I like how the classic city black appears more iridescent than the giant hardware or other styles... I can't wait!!!! It's a unique sort of black--definitely don't have one like that.

    Please come soon, black Bal city!!!!! Thank you again for all your advice, ladies!! ^^
  9. This is a beautiful shade of gray, though!
  10. Thank you for posting this. I just purchased a 2012 Anthracite RGGH Town that looked a lot darker than yours.. more black than grey... but I haven't seen it IRL yet, and it won't show up until March 6-8. As you can imagine, I'm pacing the floor, especially now that I've seen your post, LOL! I'm like you… I don't want a grey bag that's too pale. (Though I really don't want a black bag, either.) What year was yours from?

    I hope you get the bag of your dreams soon!
  11. Ooh nice! I've seen some lovely pictures of Anthracites with RGGH! I don't really want black either, but the classic city seems to have this 'sheen' that makes it not so black... I'm hoping that's what mine will look like at least! Mine is from 2014 I'm guessing, since I bought it in store...
  12. I just bought a 2012 Town Anthra RGGH (it hasn't gotten here yet… I'm on pins & needles!!!) and I'm so pleased to hear that it goes a little "blue" over time. That tells me that the grey color of Anthracite is a true grey, and not a taupe. I've been worried about that. I'm always on a quest for the "perfect" grey bag but whenever I find one, it's either a ittle too taupe, or a little too brown, or a little too black, or… something. That's why I've been really pumped about the Anthracite. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    I'm originally from New York where, as they say, "we wear black because there isn't anything darker :P) so I was afraid a black Bal would just disappear against my clothes. I'm hoping that the Anthracite will be just enough contrast to have visual interest, without being too pale.

    Can you tell I'm pacing the floor? :lol:
  13. great bag i love it:woohoo::
  14. love it, keep it! the anthracite is an awesome color, it's so unique and just as nice as a black city. ;)
  15. +1