Say HELLO to my 2 new little friends...

  1. here are my latest aquisitions... Marine GGH brief and Vert Gazon City. don't they just look so cute together!! :love:

  2. yes! They are super:tup::yahoo:
  3. They are both beautiful - the marine blue is just gorgeous - the color is so deep and saturated. So is the green. I love them both!!!! Congratulations!
  4. Congratulations! I love them both but that marine is :drool:
  5. Beautiful!!!For some reason I haven't seen a Gazon city!!Love it!!
  6. Gorgeous! LOVE the gh brief.. love the style and that combo!!

    All the bags you own are totally hot! vermillion city :drool:
  7. Gorgeous, the colors are so deep and saturated. Enjoy your beauties.
  8. Wow the marine is gorgeous!! :drool: its so saturated and wonderful, congrats on your newest members of your family!!
  9. gorgeous!
  10. Wow...your Marine is stunning! Congrats on both!
  11. congrats! they are beautiful
  12. oohh they're gorgeous!! and they complement each other beautifully!!!
  13. How beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy both of them! :tup::okay:
  14. The VG city is one of my dream bags and that marine is just lovely! Congrats!!
  15. They look absolutely stunning together! Congrats!