Say Hello to Miss Jillian and Miss Meredith

  1. Here's my Jillian in Bourbon I ordered from the NM sale, and my new Meredith in Slate (not too bad for a combined total of $537!). The Meredith has become my favorite bag! I just LOVE her (even more than the new Balenciaga, which to me is saying a lot since I have coveted one for so long.) I received the Jillian on Friday and have yet to use her, but I have been using my Meredith since I got her on Saturday, even the hubby loves this bag! Here's some pics, along with a family shot with my Nina.




    Sorry for the crappy background! lol
  2. YUM YUM YUM!!!! Love that slate color.

    And, every darn time I see that Jillian, I think "why have I passed up so many darn opportunities to buy her?"
    Well, congratulations to you for being smart enough to buy it! Compass Rose and I shall have to sit back and drool over everyone's else's Jillians.
  3. Oh my, all three bags are gorgeous. I'm totally in love with your Jillian though, it's stunning. You need to give it a test run!
  4. Oh wow...I hope my Jillian will look as good as yours when it comes. Goofy NM sent my bags via ground mail even though I provided a physical address for UPS so now I am waiting forever.
    Good looking bags!!!
  5. Oh what a beautiful Jillian! Thank you so much for posting pics! So much better than stock photos!!! :tup:
  6. Congrats on your beautiful bags!!
  7. i totally agree i ADORE my slate meredith its like the perfect bag:smile:

    All your bags look wonderful congrads! :smile:
  8. Yes! They are all beautiful!!!!! Lucky you!
  9. I'm giving her a run tomorrow!

    Lexie, I couldn't stand the idea of waiting, so I paid a little for expedited shipping... I hate having to wait! lol
  10. I got mine today and it is gorgeous also. The graining is very nice. I'm very pleased.

    bourbon Jillian.JPG
  11. Congratulations.
  12. .....sigh........:heart:
  13. Very nice!
  14. She's gorgeous Lexie!! :yahoo:
  15. Gorgeous bags, girls! Those boubon Jillians are stunning!