Say hello to a special little guy......

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  1. The day Wendell passed over, yet another cat was brought into the Shelter..... I even saw him and said hello but was so distracted by wanting to be back at Wendell's side I didn't pay him as much attention as I normally would.
    One of the vets mentioned in passing that this cat would be perfect for me.... I still didn't take much notice.
    The photographer who volunteers at the Shelter even sent me a photo of him - and because I was so distressed about Wendell's death I still took no notice.
    The owner of the shelter rang me this week to come have a look at this little guy and as I was going in today anyway, I said yes. And have to say I did wonder if maybe Wendell was behind the scenes up at the Bridge pushing us together....

    This poor little guy has had an awful time. He was found outside in the cold one night, unable to move, and was handed over to the Shelter. Who knows how long he was out there, how scared he must've been.....even more so because he is blind and deaf. I wonder if he was paralysed with fear, as there is nothing at all wrong with his mobility now...
    My heart breaks when I think of him out there all alone afraid, injured and hungry (he is so, so thin - I took a pack of cooked chicken in for him today and it was like he has an internal vacuum cleaner, it disappeared so fast...). He is between 8 and 10 years old and also has a heart condition.
    Of course the pair of us fell in love immediately - he is desperate for affection and reassurance and I am bringing him home (to spend the rest of his life in total bliss) next weekend.
    He told me his name (and I am going to be a laughing stock at the vet when they call him in for his next check-up), he is called Clarence Purrbright.
    So - it's going to be a long week, waiting for Mr Purrbright to have a final check-up and his second vaccine.... but I am already making preparations for his arrival....
    Now. Who wants to see a picture??

    Oh, and look - what a lovely way to celebrate my 2000th post!
  2. Whooooo Hoooooo Great job Wendell! Sending mom another baby that needs her special touch. I just love this story! Mr Purrbright (LOVE the name) is going to be such a happy and loved kitty. Now make with pics woman!!! LOL
  3. Many congratulations on the newest member of your family! Congratulations to you and to Clarence Purrbright. i want pics asap ;) Still very sorry for the loss of Wendell but very glad you were able to keep your heart open for Clarence.

  4. Clarence...Clarence...Clarence? :wondering

    Where's the little kitty?

    Welcome to the Purrs Forum Clarence!

  5. I wanna see Clarence! :nuts:
  6. me too !

    God bless you Wendell :cry::cloud9:
  7. LOL, the purrsforum!!^^ Can we see pics of the lil guy? Thanks for being such a great person & adopting him!
  8. Mr Clarence Purrbright.....Welcome to Maia-Annabel's Purrs Forum (and she still doesn't understand why we sit around discussing purrs in such detail - she thinks Balenciaga and Coach are cat's names and is highly displeased that they have more than one thread each :smile:)

    Clarence Purrbright 5.jpg

    I have a few more photos - if anyone could please tell me how to make them smaller without sitting at the laptop doing this :cursing::pout::cursing:, then I can share them - meanwhile, isn't he a sweetie!

    I am trying to think of ways to 'reach' him and make sure he is happy. I mean, he must feel locked away as he can't see or hear. So I am going to get him a selection of toys with different textures. If anyone else has ideas, please share!
  9. awwwww...he is beeyoutiful :love:

    what about a catnip mousie for the lucky little fella?

  10. Good idea! I just ordered him a big old catnip fishie, a fluffy ball., a cardboard scratcher, a crinkly toy..... if he is anything like the others, all of these will be sniffed and ignored, a cushion will be appointed, 'MINE!' and then the only time he will move will be meal times.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    I have cropped another photo.....

    Here we go

    Clarence Purrbright 8.jpg
  11. hi punkin

    what a handsome fellow. i think he looks like a love bug

    we have to wait a whole week????? I hope it goes fast
  12. What a gorgeous boy! It's not the same since Bellis can hear but when I play feathers with her I will touch her with them as I swing them back and forth. She goes crazy and grabs them, rolls over on her back and bunny kicks them. LOL We're counting the days with you.
  13. You're such an amazing soul Clevercat, I know Clarence Purrbright thinks so too! :heart:
  14. I like the little curly white whisker. It really adds to his purrsonality. :love:

    For toys, he might have fun with a treat ball filled with stinky treats. Will he have food restrictions for his heart disease?

    For a rilly, rilly, expensive toy, I wonder what he would do if you hid a vibrating cell phone under a blanket. On a less expensive note, would he enjoy the "mole game" with something moving under a blanket?
  15. Have you tried a web-based photo account? I use webshots, but flickr and photobucket offer free and paid services. If you use the website, you can load the big pictures to the service, and there should be a feature to copy some code and paste it into a forum post in the appropriate size.